Emmerdale spoiler: Kim Tate takes horrifying revenge on Graham Foster by exposing his secrets to Rhona Goskirk


EMMERDALES Kim Tate is set to get the ultimate revenge on her ex Graham Foster by exposing his dirty secrets to his current partner Rhona Goskirk.

The dark businessman Graham – played by Andrew Scarborough – is in the midst of a feud with Kim Tate after he rejected her and in an upcoming episode Kim will attempt to destroy his relationship with Rhona by airing his dirty laundry.

Kim Tate will get her revenge in Emmerdale

Kim was left devastated when she finally realised that Rhonas mystery man was her ex Graham earlier this month in Emmerdale.

A cruel Graham then took the opportunity to kick her while she was down and told hershe better get used to seeing them together.

Furious, Kims son Jamie gave him a piece of his mind about Grahams loyalty to Kim.

But Graham couldnt cope with public humiliation, and hit back at Jamie.

The troubled businessman publicly revealed it was Jamie who was responsible for delivering the evidence that put Kim behind bars.

The blonde baddie was devastated but it didn’t take long for her to pick herself up andhatch a plan to get her revenge on Graham.

Graham Foster is Kim's next victim in <a href='https://amzn.to/32sM7Q1'>Emmerdale</a>” width=”960″ height=”640″ /><figcaption class=

Graham Foster is Kim’s next victim in Emmerdale

And in upcoming episodes, Emmerdale viewers will see her revenge scheme unfold in explosive scenes.

In upcoming scenes, a bitter Kim will warn Rhona that Marlon will soon turn against Graham.

After Kym’s dark promise, Rhona confides in Graham about what Kym’s said and notices that her partner seems uneasy about what Kym could be scheming.

In a scene yet to be aired Graham gets a text from Kim asking for her employees to meet her at the pub for an announcement.

Graham is in utterly shock when he gets to the Woolpack and realises why Kim has thrown the party.

A stunned Rhona struggles to get her head around Kims shock bombshell too.

But what is the concerning discovery and has Graham crossed the line?

Rhona and Grahams relationship is likely doomed, as Graham is set to leave Emmerdale in coming months.

The sun reported earlier this month that Andrew Scarborough – who plays graham in the ITV soap – has quit and will be leaving the village in dramatic scenes set to air in the new year.

While the exact details surrounding his exit are yet to be announced, it seems likely his departure will centre around his feud with ex-lover Kim Tate.

Viewers will have to tune in to see what might be the beginning of his exit storyline next week.


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