Emmerdale spoilers: Al Chapman schemes against Marlon Dingle as he buys into the Woolpack


EVIL businessman AL Chapman torments Marlon Dingle as he buys into the Woolpack next week in Emmerdale. 

Al wormed his way into the pub after discovering that vet Paddy Kirk had been doping Kim’s racehorse in order to help it perform better in the ITV soap.

Marlon is fuming when Al suggests having ready meals at the pub

Al demanded that Paddy convince Marlon to sell him half of the pub – or he’d expose his crimes. 

Next week, Marlon is fuming when Al proposes ready meals at the Woolpack instead of a freshly cooked menu. 

He is incredulous when Chas gives Al the go ahead for his new menu and quickly locks horns with the newcomer. 

Meanwhile, Rhona gets a call revealing that the case against her has been dropped. 

But will she be able to build bridges with Brenda?

As the week comes to an end, an exhausted Marlon makes an impromptu proposal to Rhona. 

He’s devastated when he realises she thinks that he’s joking, and tries to cover his hurt. 

Will Rhona realise he was being serious and, if so, what will she say?

Meanwhile, Priya is devastated to discover she needs a second skin graft in hospital. 

Al is intrigued to discover that Priya called out his name when she first woke up. 

There is soon tension at the Woolpack when Chas discovers Kim is putting pressure on Paddy. 

Emmerdale viewers are convinced that Al has an evil plan to take over the village and all of its businesses after he was overheard scheming on the phone.

He was heard saying to a mystery person on the other end: “Good news we sealed the deal – this is the perfect investment, ideal location, rock bottom price.”

Viewers were left convinced that Al is hatching an evil plan – and that he plans to tear down the Woolpack.

Marlon can’t believe it when Chas approves Al’s ready meal scheme


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