Emmerdale spoilers: Brenda hides evidence after she nearly killed Dan Spencer – but Mandy Dingle finds it


SNEAKY Brenda hides evidence proving she’s responsible for Dan’s horror allergic reaction next week in Emmerdale.

But Mandy fishes the incriminating evidence out of the bin and warns Brenda she won’t get away with nearly killing him. 

Brenda decides to dispose of evidence incriminating her for Dan’s allergic reaction

Emmerdale viewers know that Dan already took a turn for the worst when he suffered an allergic reaction at the café last week.

And in upcoming scenes of the ITV soap, it looks like Dan is set for another health scare.

On the day of the cafe’s menu relaunch, Dan and Matty make the most of the free booze and end up sozzled. 

But when Dan realises he’s forgotten his wallet, Brenda says he can pay her pack by making up some of the wraps. 

Later, disaster strikes when Dan has a nibble on the wrap at the garage and has a horror allergic reaction.

Brenda and Pollard watch on in horror as Dan is carted off to hospital. 

Mandy has a good fish around in the bin behind the cafe for any evidence

In next week’s episodes of Emmerdale, Pollard suggests to Brenda that it would be wise to dispose of any evidence at the cafe linking her to Dan’s allergic reaction. 

Later, at the hospital Pollard desperately tries to make peace between Dan and Brenda. 

Dan eventually agrees that blaming Brenda for what’s happened won’t help anybody. 

But as Brenda scurries around disposing of the evidence, Mandy storms in and makes clear that she’ll pay for what she’s done to Dan. 

Later, Mandy emerges from behind the cafe holding evidence that incriminates Brenda. 

What will Mandy do with the evidence she’s pulled from the bin?

Speaking about the incident, actor Liam Fox – who plays Dan – told Digital Spy:  “He [Dan] grabs a wrap in Brenda’s café, and unbeknown to him, it’s got allergens in as he’s allergic to almonds,”

“There is a source that has been used, unbeknown to Brenda, that has these almonds in. He bites into it at the garage and collapses. He gets this itch in his mouth, and it’s pretty horrendous.”

He added: “First time, [Brenda] wasn’t aware and it wasn’t too bad. Second time… there’s a mayonnaise that’s in it that has this almond milk, which she’s not aware of. I suppose it’s stuff that’s happened in the news over the years, without naming names.

“The effects this has on Dan is quite life-changing for a bit.

“He’s ill, but it’s what happens because of the reaction to it that leads to a chain of events, which is going to change his life for a while.

“I can’t really say much about it at the minute. It’s the after-effects and a medical thing which will change his life for a while. It’s fairly long-term.”


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