Emmerdale spoilers for next week Pierce attacks Kim Tate and Charity receives devastating news


KIM Tate is attacked by rapist Pierce Harris as his true identity is revealed and Charity receives some devastating news.

Heres the lowdown on whats happening in Emmerdale next week…

Pierce attacks Kim

Rhona gives up on the police

Rhona is frustrated when the police dont take her reports of stalking seriously.

Paddy tells her they need more evidence before they can accuse Pierce of murdering Graham Foster.

The police ignore Rhonas stalking complaints

Kim quizzes Al

Kim and Al are lost for words when Rhona storms in and announces she knows who killed Graham.

Al tries to brush off her theory, but after Rhona leaves Kim starts to grill him.

Al eventually admits he didnt kill Graham after all.

Kim grills Al over Grahams death

Kim discovers the truth

Kim is stewing over Als recent revelation, and scrolls through old headlines about Rhona.

Shes shocked to see a picture of Pierce – the man she thought was her solicitor Ollie – in an article about Rhonas rape by her ex-husband.

She sets off to find Rhona, determined to warn her that Pierce is back with a vengeance.

Al eventually admits he didnt kill Graham

Charity panics

Charity continues to sulk when she gets no words from Vanessa.

She stumbles across Vanessas passport and boarding pass still at Jacobs Fold and realises somethings not quite right.

Charity starts tracking Vanessa down, and when things later become clear she feels awful.

Charity fears the worst when she discovers Rhonas passport

Vanessa attempts one last escape

Vanessa makes a final attempt to escape Pierces clutches.

She’s distraught when her attempt is thwarted.

Will she be in grave danger as Pierce moves on to the next stage of his plan?

Vanessa tries to escape Pierces clutches

Rhona learns the truth

Rhona is shocked when she gets a video call from Vanessa who tells her everything.

Pierce hijacks the phone, terrifying Rhona with his face.

Rhona agrees to meet with Pierce in exchange for him not harming Vanessa.

Pierce then tells Vanessa shes served her purpose, and implies that he intends to harm Johnny.

Vanessa video calls Rhona

Rhona prepares to meet Pierce

Rhona gets a text from Pierce instructing her to pack a bag.

Shes full of dread as she then heads off to Mulberry to meet him.

Rhona hands over her phone.

Rhona hands her phone over to Pierce

Kim puts her foot in it

Pierces ears prick up when he hears a thud from upstairs.

Kim suddenly appears, demanding to know what evil plan Pierce has up his sleeve.

But before Rhona can get her to leave, Pierce slams her over the head and knocks her unconscious.

Pierce then drags Kim’s limp body upstairs.

Has Kim just made the situation a whole lot worse?

Pierce knocks Kim unconscious and drags her upstairs

Moira removes her ring

Moira sits alone after the accidental shooting and contemplates her marriage.

She removes her wedding ring, accepting that her life with Cain has come to an end.

Moira admits her marriage to Cain is over

Will and Harriet worry

Cain says hes disposed of Wills gun – much to the relief of Will and Harriet.

But is that the end of it or will it come back to haunt Will’s family?

Will and Harriet worry about his gun

Vinny declares his plan

When Mandy expresses dismay at how little theyre raised in their Free Marlon campaign, Vinny announces that he has a cunning plan.

Vinny announces he has a trick up his sleeve to free Marlon

Doug upsets Arthur

Doug has some huge news but Arthur overhears and feels betrayed.

Will Arthur start acting out again?

Arthur feels betrayed by Doug

Laurel and Jai reunite

In the wake of Jais drug relapse, Laurel and Jais relationship has been on the rocks.

But with Jai on the road to recovery, and Laurel grieving for Sandy, the pair come together and make up.

Will their happiness last?

Laurel and Jai give in to their feelings for one another

Charity receives terrible news

In the wake of Vanessa’s disappearance, there’s bad news for Vanity fans as Charity receives some terrible news.

Will Charity crumble in the face of more heartbreak or will she stay strong?

Charity is heartbroken by some awful news

Nate takes things to the next level

Nate has ruffled many feathers in the village, but next week he proves he’s serious about Tracy when he asks her to make their relationship exclusive.

What will Tracy say?

Nate asks Tracy to be his girlfriend

Chas is made to feel uneasy

Chas is left worried next week by some strange behaviour.

But which villager is keeping something a secret and is Chas right to be worried?


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