Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet and DI Malone’s steamy affair steps up as they romp in the church – and almost get caught


HARRIET Finch and DI Malone finally give into their desires for each other at the church in Emmerdale next week – and almost get caught in the act by Dawn.

Harriet is set to discover Malone’s dodgy cop organisation in upcoming scenes – but the discovery only seems to further ignite her passion for the dodgy detective.

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Harriet and Malone give into their desires for each other by the altar

Emmerdale viewers know that DI Malone has been making Will’s life a living hell on the show – ever since he arrived to investigate the shooting incident – by forcing him to carry out his dodgy drugs operations.

When Will’s partner Harriet grew suspicious of his actions, she called up an old friend who she knew from her time as an undercover cop – who just so happened to be Malone. 

Harriet asked if he’d had any joy in tracing Will’s gun back to his old gang, but Malone insisted they’d not had any leads on the weapon. 

Malone then made a dig at her for dating Will, and implied he’d be a better match for Harriet.

He told her: “We both know that the past doesn’t always stay buried Harriet. If you want me you know where I am.”

Will tries to win Harriet back

Episodes of the ITV soap set to air this week will see things heat up between Harriet and Malone as she cottons onto his dodgy cop organisation. 

Harriet rings the police and is ready to report Malone, but she backs off when he promises to leave Will, Cain and Billy alone. 

Harriet then argues with Will and berates him for putting her family in danger, before making a huge decision that devastates him. 

Later in the week a chance encounter between Harriet and Malone will reveal all about their past romantic connection

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Dawn arrive at the church as Malone buttons up his shirt after a quick romp with Harriet.

A flustered Harriet tells Malone that their impulsive romp was a mistake. 

Back home, Harriet kicks herself for giving into her desires for Malone but when she receives a text from his asking to meet again the following day, she’s clearly left unsure what to do.

Will notices Harriet is distant but thinks it’s just because of their argument, and sets about planning how to win her back. 

Will talks to Billy and asks for advice, but when he tries to sweet talk Harriet later he only ends up irritating her. 

Has he lost her completely?

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