Emmerdale spoilers: Jamie Tate forced to sleep with blackmailing wife Andrea


EMMERDALE’S Jamie Tate is left disgusted next week when his blackmailing wife Andrea forces him to spend a romantic evening with her.

The vet – who is played by actor Alexander Lincoln in the ITV soap – has been manipulated by Andrea into not confessing to hitting Moira Barton with his car, and then blackmailed over it by her to stay married.

Andrea forces Jamie into a horrifying development

Viewers know Jamie had an affair with Belle Dingle – with even his mum superbitch Kim Tate giving her blessing in the end.

But forced to stay with Andrea and keep her blackmail a secret, Jamie is struggling.

Next week he finds it difficult to cope when Andrea goes out of her way to make Jamie humiliate Belle publicly.

At the Woolpack, Andrea forces Jamie to book them a romantic meal, it’s the final straw for Belle who hurries out. 

Jamie is forced to pretend he loves Andrea

At the HOP Office, Jamie and Jai gear up to interview the candidates for the management job at The Hide. 

As the interviews get underway, a nervous but hopeful Amy and Matty try to get the Assistant Restaurant Managers job, with Matty finding himself undermining Amy to sound better for the role. 

Laurel goes for the Restaurant Managers job and Jamie watches Jai be ultra professional as he interviews his girlfriend and afterwards Jamie asks Jai for advice. 

Soon he arrives home emboldened by Jai’s advice and convinces Andrea he wants to be with her, covering his true feelings of hate. 

The next morning Andrea’s in a state of bliss with Jamie and fails to notice his mask slip as he heads out.

Will Andrea regret forcing Jamie to be with her again?

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