Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate hunts down ‘missing’ Andrea after the police refuse to help Jamie


KIM Tate hunts down Andrea after the police refuse to tell Jamie her whereabouts next week in Emmerdale. 

Andrea vanished without a trace after an explosive showdown with husband Jamie Tate over his affair with Belle Dingle. 

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The police track down Andrea but refuse to tell Jamie her whereabouts

Emmerdale fans know that Jamie dumped Andrea after learning that she’d orchestrated everything to publicly expose his and Belle’s affair.

Things turned mysterious when Tracy noticed that most of Andrea’s stuff had been left behind – and that it didn’t look like she’d left out of choice.

Jamie then became a person of interest after Andrea and Millie disappeared and made matters worse when he struggled to keep his anger under control as the police interviewed him.

Jamie and Belle declare their undying love for each other

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Andrea startled by the arrival of the police as she hides away in the hotel. 

At Home Farm, Jamie is gutted when the police tell him they have found Andrea and Millie but can’t tell him where she is. 

Later, Leyla gets a call from Andrea and rushes off to the hotel to meet Lyla. 

Leyla persuades Andrea to come home but when she spots Jamie and Belle she leaves again

But as she drives off, she notices a mystery figure following her. 

Outside the hotel, Leyla realises the figure is Kim as she charges into the building to find Andrea.

Will Kim find Andrea?

Jamie is stunned to find Millie in the kitchen without Andrea

Later, Leyla tells Andrea she will pay her hotel bill for her if she comes home. 

Meanwhile, Belle and Jamie are busy declaring their love for each other and Andrea is distraught when she returns to the village to the sight of them in each other’s arms. 

Andrea then tearfully tells Leyla she can’t stay and once again leaves. 

Later, Jamie returns to find Millie in the kitchen without Andrea. 

With all the signs seemingly pointing towards Jamie, might Andrea fake her own death and frame him for murder?


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