Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle arms herself with a cricket bat after Paul is kidnapped for ransom


MANDY Dingle heads out with a cricket bat to deal with gangster Connor after he kidnaps Paul Ashdale for ransom. 

The beautician – who is played by Lisa Riley in the ITV soap – was left heartbroken when Paul confessed his gambling secret last month following their engagement and kicked him out. 

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Connor tells Paul his time is up to get him the money

But Mandy and Vinny were horrified when they got a phone call telling them Paul had been taken to A&E after being beaten up by gangster Connor, who Paul owes a load of money.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see things worsen for Paul as Connor turns up at the scrapyard and demands his cash. 

Connor kidnaps Paul right in front of Mandy
Connor demands £4,000 from Mandy if she wants to see Paul ever again
Mandy finds the cash and heads out to meet Connor

When Paul makes excuses, Connor brings out a metal bar and tells him his time is up. 

Mandy receives a voicemail from Paul warning her he’s in trouble, and she pulls up at the scrapyard to see Connor in a balaclava kidnapping Paul right in front of her eyes. 

Connor tells Mandy if she can’t pay £4,000 in ransom by tomorrow, she’ll never see Paul ever again. 

Mandy arms herself with a cricket bat

Mandy and Vinny struggle to gather the money together, but the next day Mandy reveals a bag of cash to her stunned family. 

Mandy heads out with a cricket bat in hand, driving to the layby where Connor has requested they meet.

Will Mandy’s plan work out or could she end up in grave danger?


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