Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle takes drastic action to raise thousands to save kidnapped Paul


MANDY Dingle takes drastic action to raise thousands to save kidnapped Paul Ashdale next week in Emmerdale. 

Gangster Connor will bundle Paul – who is played by Reece Dinsdale in the ITV soap – into a van and demand £4,000 from Mandy in ransom in return for his safety.

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Paul is kidnapped by Connor right in front of Mandy

Viewers will see Paul horrified when Connor turns up at the scrapyard and tells him his time is up to get his money, brandishing a metal bar.

Mandy receives a voicemail from Paul warning her he’s in trouble, and she pulls up at the scrapyard just in time to see Connor in a balaclava kidnapping Paul right in front of her eyes. 

Connor tells Mandy if she can’t pay £4,000 in ransom by tomorrow, she’ll never see Paul ever again. 

Mandy and Vinny struggle to gather the money together, but the next day Mandy reveals a bag of cash to her stunned family.

Mandy is horrified when Connor demands £4,000 in ransom
Vinny is worried when Mandy manages to magic the cash out of thin air

Mandy heads out with a cricket bat in hand, driving to the layby where Connor has requested they meet.

Will Mandy’s plan work and how did she come up with the money?

Emmerdale viewers know that Paul confessed his gambling secret to Mandy last month following their engagement only to be kicked out. 

But what Paul failed to tell Mandy was that he’s been using their son as a punching bag, violently lashing out at the youngster every time he has confronted him for lying to Mandy.

Speaking about why Vinny hasn’t told Paul about the bursts of violence, actor Bradley Johnson revealed: “Vinny hasn’t told Mandy about Paul’s violence because he’s scared of what she might do. He reckons she would kill Paul.

“Vinny has enough going on in his relationship with Liv, and he has Mandy to look out for. Adding to the chaos would break him and the family. It’s not the right time to say it, under these circumstances.

“All Vinny wants is to have a happy life, a happy mum, and a dad who doesn’t beat him up and isn’t gambling. He’s happy with Liv and just wants to be happy, but something obstructs that.”


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