Emmerdale spoilers: Mandyand Vinny go on the run after they;re caught trying to hack Lydia bank account


MANDY and Vinny Dingle will try to flee the village this week as theyre caught red-handed trying to hack into Lydia Harts bank account.

The pair will be rumbled as they attempt to steal Lydias inheritance but, as Mandy tries to explain their actions, a furious Sam calls Dingle Court.

Mandy and Vinny Dingle get caught trying to steal from Lydia

As they await their trial at Wishing Well cottage, Mandy and Vinny decide to take their chances and flee Emmerdale instead.

Stealing a van, they head off into the countryside, but their plan is soon scuppered when the van breaks down and theyre stranded in the wood.

But as they try to hide out in the woods, theyre soon caught and Dingle court begins. Will Mandy and Vinny finally reveal their secret? Or one of them at least?

The Sun Online exclusively revealed earlier this month that Mandy has been lying about the true identity of teenage Vinny.

Mandy and Vinny Dingle
Mandy and Vinny Dingle’s car breakdown when they try to flee The Dales

Lisa Riley, who recently returned to play Mandy after 18 years away from the soap, has told how Mandy has been hiding the dramatic bombshell that the teenager she has been passing off as her son isn’t related to her at all.

Viewers are going to be left gobsmacked when they discover the truth in a shocking scene later this month after they became convinced he was Mandy and Paddy’s son.

Actress Lisa exclusively told The Sun Online: “Who is he? Even Im yet to find that out its all still to unfold.

“But Vinny just wants to be part of the family and although the audience finds out that hes not Mandys son, the Dingles never do Mandy makes sure of that.

“Who is his mother? Thats the big question will it be a cast member, we just dont know.”

A source confirmed that while viewers will discover the truth about Mandy and Vinny’s relationship, the other Dingles will be left in the dark.

After returning to the village with 16-year-old Vinny, the duo have been acting shiftily to hide their ill-gotten gains and viewers are about to discover that the pair have been running a casino card-counting scam.


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