Emmerdale spoilers: Priya Sharma tells the police Marlon Dingle argued with Graham Foster before he was killed


EMMERDALES Priya Sharma blabs to the police about Marlon and Grahams blazing row after she stumbles upon Grahams lifeless corpse under a bridge.

Priyas actions will make Marlon a prime suspect in Grahams murder investigation following his brutal death.

Priya and Billy stumble upon Graham’s stiff corpse

Emmerdale viewers know that Rhona has been planning to whisk Marlons son Leo abroad with Graham to start a new life.

However, the loved-up vet has been keeping her move a secret from her ex Marlon, knowing that theres no chance shell let him take their son away from him.

The storyline is set to come to an explosive head this week as each non-linear episode is played out from a different murder suspects perspective.

Later this week, when the day of Grahams murder is replayed from Marlons perspective, Rhona and Marlon head off for a walk so they can spend some time together.

But Rhona is so startled when Marlon gets the wrong signals and leans in and tries to kiss her, that she reveals her plans to leave with Graham and head to France the next morning.

Marlon storms off, promising Rhona hell do whatever it takes to stop Graham taking his son away.

Marlon isn’t happy with Rhona and Graham’s plan to take Leo abroad

Next week, in scenes yet to air, Graham Foster will be found dead under a bridge next week leaving girlfriend Rhona Goskirk devastated as she desperately searches for clues leading to the killer.

In the upcoming scenes,Priya and Billy stumble upon Grahams lifeless body under a tunnel and an abandoned vehicle.

The shocked passers-by quick to ring the police to report the body.

When the police arrive and question Priya, she recalls the argument she overheard between Marlon and Graham.

But Priya is filled with guilt to think of Rhona’s devastation – has she put her foot in it by dobbing Marlon into the police?


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