Emmerdale spoilers: Sam and Lydia Dingle’s wedding turns disastrous as the gravy fountain explodes


LYDIA and Sam Dingle are in for a shocker at their wedding next week in Emmerdale when not all goes to plan with their gravy fountain at the reception.

At least they manage to tie the knot before disaster strikes.

Sam can’t wait to make Lydia his wife

Emmerdale viewers will remember that when Lydia appeared in the village, Sam and Lydia hit it off instantly and eventually fell in love. 

But last summer, the soap explored Lydia’s background and revealed that she had a son who she’d given away hours after giving birth. 

Lydia has also endured hostility from Sam’s son Samson and suffered from a cancer scare in 2018 – to which she eventually got the all-clear.

Lydia is also smiling away

But Lydia and Sam have stuck together through thick and thin and decided to tie the knot.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Lydia fail to get the civilised hen do she was hoping for when Mandy sticks her oar in. 

Disaster first strikes when there’s a mix up when the stag do is disturbed by a masseur. 

The pair get through their vows

Mandy then tries to get Lydia to go on a night out, but not all goes to plan when the taxi driver stops the off in the middle of nowhere. 

Things then dramatically worsen when Lydia disappears and Mandy ends up face down in some undergrowth. 

The wedding the next day doesn’t go much better as Lydia is nowhere to be found in the morning. 

Lydia even lets her hair down

Eventually she appears and gets ready for her big day. 

At the Woolpack, Bob fiddles with the Yorkshire themed gravy fountain which – let’s face it – was always a disaster waiting to happen. 

There are cheers from all as their union is made final. 

At the reception, the bride and groom take to the floor for their first dance and Lydia is brimming with joy. 

But with the gravy fountain spluttering away in the corner, could disaster be about to strike?


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