Emmerdale spoilers: Sandy Thomas dies in Australia leaving his grandchildren devastated


LAUREL learns that Sandy Thomas has died and breaks the news to his devastated grandchild Arthur Thomas.

Arthur is still grieving the death of his father Ashley Thomas and is devastated to learn of another family tragedy.

Laurel tells Arthur his grandad has died

Emmerdale fans will remember the tragic storyline that saw Ashley Thomas slow and painful demise in 2017.

The devoted husband and father died a slow death from vascular dementia as his condition got progressively worse.

Viewers were heartbroken by the scenes which showed a confused Ashley escaping from the hospital and wandering along the street in his cassock – forgetting he was no longer a vicar.

At the funeral, little Arthur read a poem to his dad as Ashley was laid to rest in emotional scenes.

Sandy Thomas was the father of the late vicar Ashley Thomas

In recent months, Arthur has been taking the grief of losing his dad out on Archie – the son of his mums new partner Jai.

Fans have watched in horror as Arthurs bullying of the young lad has escalated and pushed Archie to run away from home.

In an upcoming episode, Arthur will be rocked by another family tragedy after Laurel receives a shocking phone call telling her that her late husband Ashley’s father Sandy Thomas has died.

In scenes yet to air, Doug attempts to comfort Laurel as she grieves.

Arthur has been taking out his grief on Archie following his dads death

The next day, Laurel prepares herself to tell the kids about their grandad Sandys death.

Later, at the graveyard, Jimmy finds Arthur tearing up at his dad Ashleys grave.

When Jimmy questions him about what the matter is, Arthur says that he thinks God is punishing him for his behaviour by killing the people close to him.

Later, Arthur cant get rid of his guilty conscience and is haunted by the pain hes been causing Archie.

Will Arthur take out his grief on Archie and step up his bullying another notch?


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