Emmerdale spoilers: Sarah Sugden risks her life by taking drugs to impress new boy Danny


EMMERDALE’s Sarah Sugden puts her life on the line next week when she swallows a pill given to her by new mate Danny.

Viewers have seen the troubled young girl bunking off school in recent weeks to hang out with the bad boy but now she goes one step too far in a bid to impress him.

Sarah is offered the pill by Danny – and takes it

In upcoming episodes, she is at a party with Danny and his mate Jayden when the pair offer her drugs.

Keen to be one of the gang, Sarah takes the pill, much to the horror of Noah, who is watching on.

Sarah’s family haven’t been keen on Danny from the get go, and not it looks like they were right to be wary of the young lad.

Still, it’s not surprising that Sarah has fallen under his spell, given everything she has been through over the last year.

Noah isn’t happy when he sees what Sarah is doing
Noah confronts Sarah about taking the pill, but will it be too late?

The poor girl went through all the stress of waiting for a heart transplant, and missed out on things other kids her age get to enjoy in the process.

She’s also missing her mum after Debbie moved to Scotland for a new job after Lisa let her a garage in her will.

Without her mum, she’s been staying with Charity and Vanessa, but they’ve been doing through problems of their own, so haven’t noticed her sneaking off to meet Danny.

Sarah underwent a heart transplant last year
She recently had to say goodbye to her mum Debbie
Vanessa isn’t keen on Sarah’s new pal Danny

And now with the developments that unfold next week, it looks like Danny can make impressionable Sarah do whatever he wants.

But given her dodgy ticker, her decision to take a pill to impress a boy could well prove deadly.

Will Sarah’s first dabble with drugs be her last?


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