Emmerdale spoilers: Vanessa Woodfield scared as killer Pierce Harris keeps her and son Johnny kidnapped separately


VANESSA Woodfield will be left terrified as Rhonas rapist Pierce Harris holds her and son Johnny hostage.

Charity and Rhona think Vanessa has dumped her and swanned off on holiday abroad so no one realises shes in danger.

Pierce ties Vanessa up as he continues to stalk Rhona

Emmerdale fans will know that evil Pierce is set to kidnap Vanessa and her son Johnny in a twisted turn of events.

The villain is back in the village after an early release from prison to stalk his ex Rhona – who he raped before landing himself in prison.

The creep has been sniffing around her for days, breaking into her house and stroking her hair while she sleeps.

In a further upcoming episode, with Charity and Rhona convinced Vanessa has dumped Charity and swanned off abroad, shes left to the mercy of Pierce.

Rhona urges Charity to patch things up with Vanessa

Pierce leaves Vanessa tied up hostage in the house as he heads off to stalk Rhona.

Vanessa is terrified that Pierce might have hurt Johnny, but shes relieved when he switches the baby monitor back on and she can hear Johnny laughing.

Vanessa is stunned when she realises Pierce thinks Rhona will take him back and questions him on his evil plan.

But Pierce is distracted by a voicemail thats been left on Vanessas phone – has someone realised Vanessa isnt on holiday after all?

Later in the week, Rhona urges Charity to get back together with Vanessa.

But Charity refuses, and vows to stop checking her phone for responses from Vanessa.

But Rhona is stopped in her tracks when Ryan reveals something that could change everything.

Rhona considers whether to go to the police with the information – what has he revealed?

And what does Pierce want with Vanessa and Johnny?


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