Emmerdale spoilers: Will Taylor beds Kim Tate just feet away from ex Harriet locked in the cellar


WILL Taylor beds Kim Tate just feet away from his ex Harriet Finch.

The vicar persuades Will to imprison her in the cellar this week to atone for her crimes.

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Harriet packs up her things ready to leave the cellar

But next week, Will visits Harriet and sees she’s packed up her belongings ready to leave. 

They’re interrupted, however, when Kim enters Woodbine and demands to know what’s going on. 

Kim bursts in and flirts with Will
Will sleeps with Kim to distract her when they hear a noise coming from the cellar

Will sneaks upstairs and pretends he’s just entered from the back door. 

He tells Kim that Harriet begged for him to take her back, but left when he rejected her. 

Will dumped Harriet last year after discovering she covered up Malone’s murder

Kim is sympathetic and ends up making a pass at him. 

Will prepares to reject her, but when Kim hears a noise coming from the cellar, Will deflects by suggesting they head upstairs. 

Kim suggests they meet at her place next time, and Will panics when he realises she wants a repeat performance. 

How will Harriet take Will’s betrayal? 

Emmerdale fans will remember that Will dumped the vicar last year after discovering her role in covering up the murder of corrupt officer Mark Malone.

He was horrified to discover she’s buried him in an occupied grave in the church’s cemetery.


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