Emmerdale star Liam Fox hasn’t worked on soap since NOVEMBER after catching covid


LIAM Fox “missed out” on an Emmerdale storyline after he tested positive for coronavirus – and hasn’t been at work since November.

The 50-year-old soap star – who has played Dan Spencer since 2011 – and new wife Joanna Hudson-Fox caught COVID-19 in January.

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Liam Fox has revealed he hasn’t been working since last year

Liam told OK! magazine: “I missed out on a storyline, so I haven’t been in work since November.

“But in fairness I’m one of those characters that’s busy for short periods then used sparingly.

“I’m happy to fade into the background from time to time.”

Liam joked that married life has “been a nightmare”.

He quipped: “It’s been a nightmare. No, it’s been alright, aside from us both getting the virus after Christmas.”

The actor will celebrate ten years of playing Dan this year

The couple both caught covid over Christmas

Joanna added: “It’s like we’ve had the longest honeymoon ever! But getting COVID was like, ‘Right, the honeymoon period really is over now!’”

Liam admitted Joanna – who has Myasthenia Gravis, which causes muscle weakness – suffered “worse” with the virus, although she doesn’t know if her condition meant she experienced more severe symptoms.

He said: “JoJo was worse than me. I was meant to be in work and I had a headache and sore throat, so I got a test.”

Liam – who was previously married to Hollyoaks legend Nicole Barber-Lane – celebrates 10 years on Emmerdale this year as his character first appeared on the programme in November 2011.

And he previously admitted one of the reasons he is still in the village is thanks to his former co-stars Kelli Hollis, Alicya Eyo, and Luke Roskell  making him so welcome on his first day in the Dales.

Asked if it feels as though he has been on the soap for nearly a decade, he said last year: “It doesn’t. It goes so quick, it’s absolutely insane.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my [on-screen] family when I first started the show.  Kelli Hollis, Alicya Eyo, Luke Roskell.

“I was made to feel so welcome on that first day. They made it dead easy for me. And I’m still here 10 years later, and it’s down to those guys.”


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