Emmerdale theories on paedo Maya reveal WHO could be the father of her child


EMMERDALE fans were left shocked last night when paedophile Maya Stepney made a shock appearance with her giant baby bump.

The disgraced teacher – who is played by actress Louisa Clein in the ITV soap – was sentenced to a year in prison for inappropriate communication with Jacob Gallagher.

Maya’s baby has multiple potential fathers

He was both her student, step-son and abuse victim at the time but because he refused to testify she escaped justice for the grooming and abuse of him.

In last night’s episode she was released from prison early for good behaviour and was very visibly pregnant and fans have been racking their brains to work out who the father is and they have come up with three viable options.

Jacob Gallagher

Jacob is the dad of Maya’s baby, say convinced fans

Jacob was sexually abused by Maya – something he has yet to fully understand of come to terms with.

However this week the show will make it it explicitly clear that Jacob and Maya had slept together by pointing out he isn’t a virgin when he took her stepdaughter Leanna’s virginity.

Bringing up his sexual history on the week Maya is revealed to be pregnant has fans convinced it will be his.

One wrote: “OMG, Maya is pregnant with Jacob’s baby! Didn’t see that coming!

Another added: “O MY GOD!! @emmerdale Maya pregnant by Jacob!!

However, if the baby is Jacob’s, then it will be incontrovertible evidence that she sexually abused him and she could be sent back to prison with Jacob left holding the baby.

David Metcalfe

David was still sleeping with Maya before he found out about her abusing his son

Maya was still sleeping with Jacob’s dad David right up until the end of their relationship.

It isn’t clear how pregnant Maya is but she is at least six months gone meaning she could be even further pregnant and the baby could be David’s.

David is meant to be infertile but he has baby Amba with ex Priya Sharma so him being the dad isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

Liam Cavanagh

Liam could be Maya’s baby daddy

Maya’s ex husband didn’t have very much good to say about her when she was in the village and had moved on with David.

But the soap could have it so Maya and Liam slept together one last time before she was sent down.

Or it could just decide in future that they were together all along – stranger plot holes have happened in the dales.

* Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7pm


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