Emmerdale viewers convinced Cain will forgive Moira after Nate affair but fear she could be driven to suicide


EMMERDALE viewers are convinced Moira will try to take her own life after her affair with Nate was exposed.

Fans are speculating the cheating character – played by Natalie J. Robb – will be forgiven by husband Cain but will be driven to suicide as she struggles to live with the guilt.

Emmerdale fans fear Moira will try to take her own life after her explosive affair storyline


Viewers watched on tenterhooks last week as Moira’s hubby not only learned of her affair but in another shocking twist discovered she’d been sleeping with his son.

Nate (Jurell Carter) revealed his true identity after Cain – played by Jeff Hordley – confronted him about cheating with his wife after taking the pair out on boating trip.

The confrontation escalated when the boat exploded, leaving Cain with a choice: save Nate and his unfaithful wife Moira, or leave them to die.

Luckily, he pulled them both out of the water just in time.

Soap fans also reckon Cain will forgive his cheating wife
Moira had been sleeping with Cain’s farmhand Nate – who he later learned was his son

When Cain went to visit Nate in hospital the following day, he revealed his mother was the farmer’s ex-girlfriend Cara Robinson.

But fans fear the truth will prove too much for Moira and believe she will attempt suicide – despite Cain offering to sort things out.

One viewer wrote: “Cain knows that she was being manipulated (and ok, she shouldn’t ever have gone there) and also understands where Nate was coming from, so I think he may in time forgive her.

“Whether she’ll forgive herself however is another matter entirely.

The pair came to blows over the affair on a boat last week – which nearly ended in death
A drowning Moira was saved by Cain

“I can see this going down the attempted suicide route and Cain helping her to recover because, whatever else, he does truly love her and she is Isaac’s mother and the nearest to a mother figure that Kyle has had (ok, Amy’s around now, but for how long)?”

Another wrote: “It is necessary to make Moira suffer. She needs to undergo a full mental breakdown, suicide bid, and finally be forced to face up to her deep-rooted issues around faithfulness and judgement.

“That is the route I would personally choose to take Natalie’s character down, now.”


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