Emmerdale viewers convinced theyve missed an episode as Kim Tate moves from Home Farm to the B&B


EMMERDALE fans are convinced they’ve missed an episode of the soap as Kim Tate has appeared to move from Home Farm to the B&B, without anybody mentioning it.

During last nights show Kim (Claire King) tried to get Andrea to tell her son Jamie that she had an affair with Graham.

Viewers were confused why Kim Tate appeared to be staying at the B&B

Despite the dramatic scenes, including Andreas revelation that she was pregnant, those watching at home were more distracted by their location.

The family had all been living in the plush Home Farm, but last night they seemed to have relocated to the guest house.

Taking to Twitter to discuss it, one person wrote: I must have missed an episode…or two…but why is Kim and family staying at the B&B?? #Emmerdale.

Another added: Why are Kim and that in the b&b? And not home farm? #Emmerdale.

Jamie and Andrea were also there with her, which caused confusion

While someone else asked: Why are they at the B&B? I’m confused #Emmerdale.

In last nights episode Kim made Andrea sit down with Jamie and tell him what had happened but Graham interruptted just in the nick of time.

He told Kim that he no longer wants anything to do with her, because he wants to try and save his relationship with Rhona.

Jamie was still confused about what was going on and asked Andrea what her big secret was.

Kim usually lives in the more glamorous Home Farm

Thinking on her feet she told him she has told Kim she is pregnant – as her mother-in-law looked horrified.

Despite Andreas news, Kim still vows to find out if Graham is the father of her first child.

Andrea and Graham had a one night stand a few years ago, which has left Graham questioning if hes Millies biological dad.

Since Kim has found out about what happened, she has tried to use it to her advantage to get the ultimate revenge against her ex for rejecting and publicly humiliating her.


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