Emmerdale viewers furious as Wendy continues to torment pregnant Victoria by living in the village


EMMERDALE fans are furious as Wendy Posner continues to torment pregnant Victoria Sugden by living in the village.

Victoria was left in turmoil after being violently raped in the ITV soap and has to relive her trauma on a daily basis because her attacker Lees mother has decided to stick around for good.

Victoria is tormented by Wendy living in the same village

Lees mum Wendy accused Victoria who has decided to keep her baby – of lying about the rape – so isnt the most popular person in the village or with those watching at home.

Unimpressed that she is still hanging around ahead of Victoria giving birth to Lees child, viewers took to Twitter to complain.

One angry person wrote: Wendy’s in the wrong. She got a job in Victoria’s local surgery, moved in across the St. after Victoria BEGGED Wendy to leave her alone. Continues to call Vic a liar.

Wendy is selfish & cruel & delusional. Wendy is harassing Vic by her very presence in the village. #Emmerdale

Wendy has made the decision to hang around the village
Wendy is trying to get close to her grandchild

A second added: Yall are so wrong if you think Wendy is the victim – this behaviour is shocking. The woman needs to open her eyes. #Emmerdale.

While a third tweeted: There is something that Wendy is not getting. Her presence in the village is causing problems because she is in denial that Lee raped Victoria. Luke has told her in clear terms that Lee DID rape Vic. If she accepted that baby or no baby, she wouldnt be in the village. #Emmerdale.

In an upcoming episode, Victoria tells Amy shes ready to ring in the New Year with a night out but ends up leaving the party before the bells toll when the baby starts kicking.

As the New Year fireworks go off, Victorias water breaks.

Victoria will give birth on New Year’s Day

In scenes yet to air, Diane is there to comfort Vic at the Hospital as she has a night of contractions.

As she gives birth, Victoria is anxious to look at her baby, but immediately falls in love when she holds it for the first time.

As Victoria packs up to leave the hospital, Diane worries about Victoria having to face Wendy when she gets back to the village.

Will Lees grieving mother keep her distance or are Vics problems only just beginning?

Lee raped Victoria and she decided to keep the baby


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