Emmerdale viewers in disbelief as ‘little April’ returns looking very different


MANY Emmerdale fans had to check they had their glasses on whilst watching last night’s episode when April Windsor made her return to the village.

The school girl – played by Amelia Flanagan in the ITV soap – hasn’t been on our screens much over the past year because of Covid-19 and viewers couldn’t quite believe their eyes…

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Emmerdale viewers were stunned by how grown up April Windsor actress Amelia Flanagan looked in last night’s episode

The young star has finally managed to get on set and her first episode aired yesterday evening.

Viewers of the show were stunned at how different April looked, with some joking she aged overnight.

April heard her stepbrother Ellis Chapman arguing outside with his brother Billy Fletcher and decided to have a listen in.

Ellis asked April: “How long have you been in the house?”

Ellis started an argument with April

But April stood her ground

The youngster replied: “A bit. Teacher training. Dad’s out.”

Ellis explained that he blames Billy for getting stabbed when he’s angry, but April couldn’t understand why.

She told her step brother: “You’ve only got one brother. That’s what dad says to me.”

And her comment pushed Ellis over the edge.

April gave stepbrother Ellis a run for his money with her sharp replies

April with her late mum Donna Windsor (Sophie Jeffery)
Amelia has been in Emmerdale since 2014

He snapped: “Your cheerful little voice wittering on with your words of wisdom…”

But April gave as good as she gets and said: “I don’t witter and I think you need a lie down grumpy draw.”

Ellis shouted: “Go back to bossing your dollies about because you’re not wanted here.”

Marlon heard all the commotion as he was walking up to the house and shouted at Ellis: “Hey she’s just a kid what do you think you’re playing at?!”

Covid-19 restrictions has meant that the younger stars haven’t been on set as much

Fans couldn’t get over Aprils new found sassiness, as well as her grown-up looks.

One wrote on Twitter: “Catching up on #Emmerdale wow, April has grown.. good to see her back”

Another said: How old is April in #Emmerdale? She’s growing up bless her

A third chimed in: “Look how much April has grown up!!! #[email protected] crackin little actress since she arrived. @emmerdale.”

A fourth chimed in: “#emmerdale Cripes, April has shot up hasn’t she?”

A fifth said: “No way is April 11 years old suddenly #Emmerdale.”

While a seventh joked: “#emmerdale April aged 3 years overnight.”

Meanwhile others were taken a back by Ellis’ nasty words.

Amelia pictured at the Inside Soap Awards back in 2016

One said: “I feel like the old Ellis would never be so nasty to April @emmerdale #emmerdale.”

A second wrote: “Wow that outburst from Ellis to April wasn’t very nice #Emmerdale.”

A third chimed in: “#Emmerdale April should’ve walloped him.”

A fourth tweeted: “i’m sick & tired of Ellis, him snapping at April & telling her she’s not wanted was so damn wrong, she could take that to heart. it’d be good if Ellis left with Al! #Emmerdale.”

Amelia made her first appearance on the ITV soap back in 2014 and has gone on to win a number of honours for her amazing talent.

The young actress has bagged Inside Soap Awards Best Young Actor award for three consecutive years from 2014 to 2016.

The Flanagan family are clearly full of talent as Amelia’s younger twin brother and sister are also soap stars.

Since 2017, her siblings Isabella and William have played Hope Stape and Joseph Brown in ITV’s Coronation Street.

Catch the next episode of Emmerdale tonight on ITV at 7.00pm.


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