Emmerdale viewers sickened as Cain Dingle tortures Pete Barton over Mucky Moiras affair


EMMERDALE viewers have been left horrified after Cain Dingle tortured Pete Barton to find out the truth about Moira’s affair.

The mechanic – who is played by actor Jeff Hordley in the ITV soap – was furious when his mum Faith told him Moira had been having an affair and jumped to the conclusion it was Pete.

Pete was tortured by Cain for the infromation

Viewers know Nate is the one Moira is sleeping with but Cain didn’t discover the truth until he literally beat it out of Pete.

After sending Moira and Nate away, Cain lured Pete back to the farm and jumped him, knocking him unconscious in the farm.

He momentarily thought he had killed him and despite the guilt he felt after thinking he had murdered Joe, Cain instead said he wanted him to live so he could murder him properly.

Cain tied Pete to the chair and threw cold water on him before the torture began.

Cain thought Pete was having an affair with Moira and not Nate
Cain is planning on killing Nate

Pete tried to get out of the situation warning Cain that he would expose Moira’s killing of his mum Emma.

“It’s not me,” he said.

“Where’s Moira? Cain it’s not me. I’m your mate. Think about it for once, think about what you’re doing. Talk to your wife.”

Pete was then left seriously bleeding after Cain’s beating as he screamed for help.

Pete gave in and told Cain everything: “There was a text message, they were at it, there was no other explanation, I tried to make her see sense. It’s Nate.

“I tried to tell him but there’s something weird – he’s not bothered, he’s not scared of you. He could tear you apart. You can’t win this one.”

But Cain didn’t care and decided to cross the line and kill Nate.

He said: “I can if he doesn’t know I’m coming. I’m not a killer, yet.”


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