Emmerdales Cain will dump cheating Moira and get together with Nates mum, claims new fan theory


EMMERDALE’s Cain Dingle will dump Moira Barton and get with Nate Robinsons mum, according to fans of the soap.

Nate revealed Cain is his dad in last night’s explosive episode after embarking on a sizzling affair with Moira.

Murderous Cain is out for revenge

Theories have been flying around as to where the story will end up for raging Cain, with everyone talking about who Nate’s mum could be.

However, one savvy fan believes it will mark the beginning of a new, and happier, chapter for Cain, as he could reunite with his long lost lover.

One fan tweeted: “It will just be Cain making Moira jealous and we’ll have Nate’s mum brought in and that will be his next pairing.”

However, Emmerdale has shared spoilers that show the identity of Nate’s mum will rip the Dingles apart – with Faith (Sally Dexter) leaving the Dales.

Moira and Nate’s affair has come to an explosive climax

In last night’s show, Faith was in bits after looking through Nate’s caravan and finding a photo of his mum.

Now Emmerdale viewers are frantically trying to uncover the identity of the farmhand’s mum.

Nate dropped the bombshell on Cain as they brawled aboard a boat, after the Dales hardman discovered his wife Moira was having an affair.

Fans of the show were delighted to finally know Nate’s secret, but with the reveal came another identity mystery.

Cain now knows it is Nate who has been sleeping with his wife
A huge explosion happens on the lake – will anyone survive?

There are a few names that keep cropping up on Twitter, with one unlikely choice being Faith Dingle – Cain’s mum.

Some viewers put her name forward after noticing her strange facial expression inside the caravan where Moira and romped.

One wrote on Twitter: “I have this strong feeling that Faith is Nate’s mum.. by the look on her face. #Emmerdale.”

Another unlikely name floating around is policewoman Angie Reynolds.

Some viewers think Faith Dingle is Nate’s mum

Another candidate is Latisha Daggert, who had a fling with Cain in the early noughties

Angie Reynolds also had romance with Cain, but her death in his arms surely rules her out

However, she died in Cain’s arms in the early noughties after a high speed car chase, effectively shutting down that plot line.

Latisha Daggert has also been mentioned, with one tweeter posting: “Hang on, could Nate’s mum be Latisha Daggert?? #emmerdale.”

She had a relationship with Cain around the same time as his fling with Angie. The pair were involved in a string of petty crimes, including stealing Charity’s Dingle’s credit card.

Their relationship ended when Latisha found out Cain still had feelings for Angie. She went to Lisbon with friend Jason Kirk to start a new life.

Of course, it could be someone new altogether. One eagle-eyed viewer spotted a picture in Nate’s hand they believed to be his mum, however, they couldn’t make out the identity.

Emmerdale fans have ridicule Nate actor Jurelle for saying the soap’s Cain plot would be shocking – insisting ‘we knew ages ago’

They posted: “Who could Nate’s Mum be in #Emmerdale? Don’t recognise her from the glimpse of her photo. .”

Could a brand new character be about to join the show?

Last night Moira was sent flying into the water to her possible death, after Nate’s big reveal.

Gripping scenes saw Cain and Nate grappling on the deck of a small yacht after the older man forced him and Moira to join him on a fishing trip.

While Moira was below deck, Cain seethed: “Some women, they read magazines, watch reality TV, that kind of thing. Moira does sex.

The pair had a brutal fight before Nate revealed who he is
Moira was then knocked into the water - will she survive?
Moira was then knocked into the water – will she survive?

“She says it’s the only thing that stops her thinking. So when it comes to blokes, she doesn’t really make the best choices.”

Nate replied: “Your missus is bored of your boring life and your boring marriage. That’s why he’s going behind your back with me. In the caravan, the barn, in your bed while you were in Scotland. Last night, all night. The sex was the best she’s ever had, obviously.”

After that, Cain grabbed a plank and knocked him out cold – but he later came round, bursting onto the deck roaring: “You’re pathetic, old man.”

Putting his face close to Cain’s, he growled: “Nate. Short for Nathaniel. Look at me and remember.”

Moira ended up in the water but Cain rescued her

“You see me now – Dad? You must have known that I’d come for you one day. I’m your son.”

Moira, apparently believing some kind of practical joke was taking place, lectured him: “If you think this is funny, it’s hardly the time.”

But Nate snapped: “Stay out of it. Your use is over.”

Cain, steadying himself onto the boat and looking utterly bewildered, was jolted back to reality when Moira was sent flying into the water.

Moments before the credits rolled, his wife was seen sinking to the bottom of the lake to a murky and uncertain fate.


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