Emmerdale’s cast return to filming to face medical screening and new coronavirus protection measures


EMMERDALE’S cast and crew have returned to ITV studios to film lockdown scenes to ensure the soap continues airing throughout June.

HOAR Online’s exclusive photos show medical professionals at the location to ensure everyone passes a medical test and maintain protocol is met and the safety of everyone was being observed.

Lucy Pargeter was spotted heading to work armed with plenty of snacks

Emmerdale fans can begin to breathe a little easier as it looks like its soap bosses are pulling out all the stops to ensure the show goes on.

Various members of the cast and crew were spotted heading into the studio, all armed with their own food and cups.

As there are no canteen facilities, the team will have to rely on bringing their own lunches and dinners to the set.

Among the familiar cast favourites were actors Dominic Brunt, who plays Paddy Kirk, Lucy Pargeter, who plays Chas Dingle, and Nicola Wheeler, who plays Nicola King.

Paddy Kirk aka Dominic Brunt is seen carrying some supplies with him

Nicola Wheeler was also in attendance, checking her lunch bag

The exclusive photos show the level of precaution ITV bosses are taking to ensure the smooth running of the soap, which includes going through a medical screening tent where their health will be assessed before continuing to the set.

There are also signs reminding staff to stay two metres away from each other and a queuing system are in place.

Another sign asks if anyone is feeling unwell and lists the symptoms of coronavirus, including a ‘dry unproductive cough’ and ‘shaking chills’.

Just yesterday HOAR Online reported Emmerdale will be the first British soap to resume filming.

All around the set are signs advising staff

The cast and crew are filming six special episodes

With the backdrop of the pandemic, the characters also reflect the nation’s immense gratitude and thanks for the NHS with the weekly clap for carers and the people working on the frontline keeping our country safe.

The six new episodes – Cain and Aaron, Chas and Paddy, Sam and Lydia, Marlon, Al and Ellis, Mandy and Vinny and Jimmy and Nicola – will be recorded over a two week period and directed by Ian Bevitt.

ITV revealed in a statement that it still needs to reduce the number of episodes they show a week to just two from the 8th of June.

A statement from ITV reads: “Emmerdale will alter its transmission pattern to two episodes from week beginning 8 June in order to stay on air.

Medical professionals were on hand

Cast and crew have been advised to bring their own food and drink to minimise contamination

“The episodes scheduled will be those filmed featuring characters in lockdown.

“They involve much loved characters – Sam and Lydia, Cain and Aaron, Mandy and Vinny, Marlon, Al and Ellis, Nicola and Jimmy and Chas and Paddy – experiencing the trials and tribulations of lockdown.

“The two episodes will air on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm on ITV for three weeks, before Emmerdale will then resume a three episode each week pattern.”

Last week Emmerdale returned to filming after shutting down production over the coronavirus pandemic.

Plenty of food and drinks are needed to keep up with the filming

Soap bosses are taking no chances with the health and safety of their crew

The soaps production team commenced a phased return to filming by recording the six new episodes featuring characters during the lockdown.

However it will not be a return to normal with the first six episodes shot featuring only two or three characters.

HOAR Online revealed that bosses hope the six special episodes will bridge the gap between pre-shot episodes and a fuller return to filming and avoid the soap going off air.

Filming was underway on Wednesday 20 May at Emmerdale’s studios in Leeds involving a pared back crew to ensure health and safety protocols and social distancing measures are strictly adhered to by the team on set.

 The cast and crew are all socially distancing during filming
Filming is taking place in a specially created area

 Jeff Hordley will feature in one of the special episodes
Fans will be able to see the episodes from 8th June


The six episodes will be recorded over a two week filming period.

New ways of working to protect the crew and cast have been introduced by ITV Studios in accordance with pan-industry return-to- production protocols for TV drama which ITV’s Health and Safety team and medical advisers have been working on in consultation with the Government.

The guidelines underpin everything ITV Studios are putting in place for the cast, crew and production team to adhere to whilst filming.

Measures will include social distancing, filming units staying together to work in designated studios with crew using their own sanitised equipment, office staff continuing to work from home to ensure fewer people on the ground, no location filming, scripts featuring a smaller number of actors and fewer scenes to avoid camera moves.

The crew have also attended a meeting with the company’s medical adviser and participated in a health and safety induction which saw the new working environment procedures explained in detail.


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