Emmerdale’s Dan Spencer to be left fighting for his life suffer horrifying food poisoning at Brenda’s cafe


EMMERDALE fans should brace themselves for a medical drama as Dan Spencer suffers a horror allergic reaction.

Dan – who is played by Liam Fox on the ITV soap – is rushed to hospital with a swollen throat after eating one of Brenda’s wraps.

Pollard tries to impress Brenda with his healthy snacks

Emmerdale viewers have already watched Dan have a scary moment when he suffered an allergic reaction at the café last week.

Dan was flirting with Mandy on a date and everything was going swimmingly.

But disaster struck when he sampled one of Brenda’s vegan cakes and cookies and had an allergic reaction.

Dan has an allergic reaction when he eats one of Brenda’s wraps

In next week’s episodes of Emmerdale, it looks like Dan is set for another health scare.

Pollard sets about impressing Brenda with his healthy snacks and offers her an array.

Jacob watches on and starts to suspect that Pollard might let Brenda a little more than he’s making out.

And when Pollard offers to buy Brenda a drink, Jacob’s suspicions are confirmed.

Later, Pollard ushers everyone in to the cafe’s menu relaunch but Dan and Matty get sozzled on the free booze.

Later, Dan forgets his wallet so Brenda asks him to make the wraps to pay off the debt.

Dan goes bright red and his throat starts to swell

But disaster strikes when he nibbles on one and starts to feel his face grow red and his throat grow itchy.

When he reaches for his phone, he loses his balance and is left crying out in agony.

Brenda watches on in horror as Dan is carted off to the hospital.

Will Dan be okay – and could the reputation of Brenda’s business take a knock?


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