Emmerdale’s Harriet will get Will murdered by Malone say convinced fans


EMMERDALE viewers are convinced Harriet is going to get Will Taylor murdered – after she protected DI Malone.

The vicar – who is played by actress Katherine Dow Blyton in the ITV soap – covered up her affair with Malone by insisting Will drop any plans to expose the corrupt cop.

Harriet looked worried when Will told her what happened to Malone

She said: “I’ve worked with him for a lot of years remember. 

“I’m guessing if he dropped it in the church it was most likely an accident. And if he was there then he probably just wanted to talk to me. 

“About stopping all this. You think this has gone this far and my guess is he does too – even if half the stuff he’s done comes out. 

“There’s no harm in letting things lie, is there? If he’s planning on taking his revenge then there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Will and Malone have come to blows before

She then told Will she would post Malone’s warrant card to him, but instead she went to visit him.

And viewers think Harriet’s actions will see Malone murder Will in revenge and leave her broken.

He has already tried to frame Will to get him out of the way – and failed – so the only way to get Harriet would be for Will to be dead.

Will told Harriet he’d left Malone for dead

One wrote: “Will is thick but he doesn’t deserve to get bumped off which Harriet is def going to do”

A second said: “Uh oh Malone & harriet are going to kill Will for sure”

Another added: “What are the chances the vicar is going to get her copper to kill Will?”

A fourth commented: “Just cos Wills a wet wipe doesnt mean he isnt just as bad as Malone”

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