Emmerdale’s Max Parker drives fans wild as he strips topless and shows off huge bulge in tight shorts


EMMERDALE star Max Parker has sent fans wild with a picture showing him wearing some very tight shorts.

The actor – who plays Luke Posner in the ITV soap – delighted fans with the shirtless snap showing his toned body from a hike he took during lockdown.

Max showed off his impressive muscles in his tight shorts

But they couldn’t help but notice he was wearing some very tight shorts with an eye-popping bulge.

One fan commented: “Your shorts are way too tight.”

Max replied: “Or just right.”

A second said: “I don’t care what anyone says, those shorts are not too tight 😜😂

The actor has a habit of delighting fans on social media

He plays Luke in the ITV soap

Another added: “Shorts can never be too tight, can they?”

It’s not the first time Max has stunned fans on social media with his impressive and hard-won body.

Speaking to HOAR Online earlier this year, Max revealed he began to hit the gym to get his body after being single for a while.

He said: “My love of that came from being single and I did a lot of theatre and I was used to doing so much cardio and then when it came to the transition to TV I just got a bit fat so I was just like hey, I’ll just try these programmes.

“As actors there’s a lot of people who do jobs on the outside world, so lots of my friends are PTs, so it’s sort of a collaboration with them, I used to do stuff.

“Now it’s just, you have a lot of time off so one week you’re in the next week you are, so you’ve got to keep sane and do something.

“I think fitness is definitely comes hand in hand with a lot of actors, a lot of people do photography as well which I used to do and teaching so maybe I’ll leave my clothes on.”


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