Emmerdales Nate is LYING about his identity and is actually Latishas son Kirk Daggert, claims shock new fan theory


EMMERDALE’S Nate is LYING about his identity and is actually Latishas son Kirk Daggert, claims shock new fan theory.

Earlier this week Nate Robinson revealed he is actually the son of Cain Dingle after keeping it a secret from the village since his arrival – and fans have been racking their brains ever since to figure out who his mum could be.

Emmerdales Nate is LYING about his identity and is actually Latishas son Kirk Daggert, claims shock new fan theory

Fans of the ITV soap have thought up endless theories related to who Nate’s real mum could be dating back to the early 2000s.

However, some fans are convinced that he’s still lying about his true identity and he is actually a character who appeared on the show 18 years ago – Kirk Daggert.

They believe that Nate is actually son of Latisha Daggert (Danielle Henry), who first appeared on the show as a baby in 2001. His mum had a fling with Cain – but baby Kirk was from a previous relationship.

Baby Kirk left the village with his mum and grandma in December 2002 to live in Portugal and fans are pretty convinced that Nate could actually be Kirk.

Nate revealed to Cain that he was his dad earlier this week

Latisha gave birth to Kirk in 2001

Cain and Latisha had a fling together and got involved in petty crimes together

One fan tweeted: “How old is odious Nate meant to be? Could he be Kirk Daggert in disguise avenging mum Latisha. ha!”

Another fan wrote: “Is Nate really Kirk, Latisha‘s son or was Latisha pregnant with Cain’s baby when she left #Emmerdale“

But the guessing doesn’t just stop there as viewers have flocked to Twitter since Nate’s dramatic reveal on Tuesday night to share other suspicions of who Nate’s real mum could be.

Cain’s mum Faith Dingle is another character that fans have been talking about – but this theory would make Cain Nate’s brother, not his son.

Faith Dingle is another character who fans think may be Nate’s mum

They put her name forward after noticing her strange facial expression inside the caravan where Moira and Nate romped.

And eagle-eyed viewers also realised that she pulled a shocked expression when she saw a photo in Nate’s possessions – indicating it could be her who is Nate’s real mother.

One tweeted: “Why was Faith acting so sketchy is she Nates mum or something #Emmerdale”.

Whilst another said: PLOT TWIST!!! Is Faith actually Nates mum? Why else would she really leave? Everyone predicted Cain being Nates dad months ago, maybe this is the shocking twist?! @emmerdale #Emmerdale”

Dain’s mum Faith has also been suspected as Nate’s real mum

“I think Nate believes hes Cains son but he might actually be Faiths. Her face at the end pretty much revealed something much darker #Emmerdale,” a third tweeted.

A fourth said: Are they gonna tell us that Nate is Faiths son? #Emmerdale”.

Some fans are even convinced that Nate’s mum is called Cara after a leaked audition tape surfaced the web.
One fan claimed that an actress’s audition tape was leaked online, but was deleted shortly after.

It’s possible that Nate’s mum could be called Cara

Fans even brought up Cain’s ex Angie who was sadly killed in a car accident

They claimed: “Cara (Nate’s mum) leaked audition video was put on Vimeo and then deleted about 30 minutes after the video was made public knowledge.”

Another name that has been floating around is Cain’s ex, policewoman Angie Reynolds.

However, the theory has been shut down as she died in Cain’s arms in the early noughties after a car chase.

Although one fan tweeted: “Think we need to remember Angie Reynolds daughter Ollie, she was around 16 when Cain slept with her, is she Nates mum ??? X #emmerdale”.



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