Emmerdales Nates REAL identity will be revealed TONIGHT


TONIGHT’S episode of Emmerdale is not one soap fans want to miss as Nate Robinson’s real identity will finally be revealed.

Fans have been on the edge of their seats as Nate’s affair with Cain’s wife Moira was finally exposed by the Dales hardman.

Cain faced off against Nate – before finding out he was his son

As the farmhand fought with Cain aboard a boat, Nate dropped the ultimate bombshell: he is Cain’s son.

While the revelation shocked the Emmerdale characters and viewers alike, one mystery still remains.

Who is Cain’s mum?

The answer will come with Thursday night’s explosive episode, but until then fans have been speculating.

The dramatic reveal posed another question – who is the mum

One name floating around is Cain’s ex, policewoman Angie Reynolds.

She died in Cain’s arms in the early noughties after a high speed car chase – so if she gave birth before then, the timeline syncs up with Nate’s age.

Another fling Cain had at the same time as Angie is Latisha Daggert.

The pair were involved in a string of petty crimes, including stealing Charity Dingle’s credit card.

The relationship ended when she found out Cain still had feelings for Angie, where she fled to Lisbon with friend Jason Kirk.

Latisha with Cain Dingle

One fan wrote: “Hang on, could Nate’s mum be Latisha Daggert?? #Emmerdale”

An unlikely person would be Faith Dingle, who is Cain’s mum – and that would make Nate Cain’s brother instead of son.

Viewers put her name forward after noticing her strange facial expression inside the caravan where Moira and Nate held their affair.

Faith pulled a shocked expression when she saw a photo in Nate’s possessions – which could hint towards her being the mother.

Faith’s shocked expression hints she made a shocking discovery

One fan wrote: “I have this strong feeling that Faith is Nate’s mum… by the look on her face. #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “Nate will not actually be Cain’s son!!! Come on, it’s far too predictable and obvious.

“He might believe Cain is his dad but he won’t be. Faith is his mum, that’s why she looked so horrified in the caravan, she found something #Emmerdale”

It could also be the mysterious “Cara” – after a “leaked audition tape” surfaced online before being promptly removed.

Fans were horrified when they realised Nate was sleeping with his step-mother

The gripping scenes this week saw Cain and Nate grapple on the deck of a yacht after Cain forced him and Moira to join him on a fishing trip.

Cain knocked Nate out with a plank, but when came too he burst on the deck and said: “You’re pathetic old man.

“Nate. Short for Nathaniel. Look at me and remember.

“You see me now – Dad? You must have known that I’d come for you one day. I’m your son.”


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