Emmerdale’s Roxy Shahidi teases ‘terrifying climax’ to Leyla’s stalker hell as home invasion leaves her fearing for life


EMMERDALE’S Roxy Shahidi has teased a “terrifying climax” to Leyla’s stalker hell as a home invasion leaves her fearing for her life. 

Viewers have seen the character being targeted by a mysterious person who has made her the victim of some worrying incidents over the past few months. 

Leyla’s stalking nightmare is set to get even worse

And now Emmerdale star Roxy Shahidi has revealed things are set to get even worse for the business owner as she experiences a home invasion.

Speaking to the press, she teased: “That’s the climax of the scary events. I don’t think there could be anything more intimidating than going into a space where you think you’re safe and someone being there.”

Viewers have seen Leyla targeted with some worrying incidents over the past few months.

Despite initially blaming Leanna Cavanagh for trashing her office, and suspecting Kim Tate was behind the nasty comments online, there seems to be another suspect at large.

Leyla’s stalker breaks into her home

However, next week’s episodes sees Leyla working late at the Take A Vow office and is confronted by a masked figure, who jumps out and attempts to attack her.

Fighting back, Leyla manages to strike a blow to her unknown assailant but they still manage to escape.

Roxy explained Leyla’s thoughts and feelings, saying: “Leyla’s first thought is: ‘They want to hurt me’. One of the things she says to Liam is that she’s scared someone is going to stab her in her bed – literally those words, because every part of her world is being invaded.

The businesswoman has been subjected to a string of incidents

“Of course, it’s terrifying and it’s very, very real to have someone in your space like that. But she does defend herself. She does throw something at them, she doesn’t just cower in the corner.

“Leyla is definitely very scared and I think being broken into and someone hiding in the dark is definitely the climax of that.”

After the attack, police are called to the village and Leyla quickly pieces together the clues and figures out who is behind the stalking.

Leyla is attacked while she is in her office

But how will the character react to discovering the identity of her stalker?

The Emmerdale actress explained: “I think it depends on who it turns out to be and what their motives are. Given the right set of circumstances, she can be very empathetic, she can be a very forgiving and understanding person.

“But equally she is someone who will stick up for herself and isn’t just going to be walked all over, so I think once she finds out, she’ll act accordingly depending on who that person is.”

Viewers will be able to watch these Emmerdale scenes air on Monday August 10 and Wednesday August 12 at 7pm on ITV.

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