Emmerdale’s Samantha Giles rushes to help blood soaked schoolboy who’s beaten up outside her home


EMMERDALE’S Samantha Giles revealed that she rushed to help blood soaked schoolboy who was beaten up outside her home.

The actress, who is best know for playing Bernice Blackstock in ITV soap, shared horrific details of the attack on Monday.

Samantha Giles helped a young boy who had been attacked

Samantha, 49, took to social media to update her fans on the shocking incident.

She wrote: “Very sad that at the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week I am outside my front mopping up blood and feeding chocolates to a young man who’d been punched by lads from his school.

“Luckily he has some good friends helping him.”

The TV star later updated her followers, adding: “One of his friends dad’s took him to A&E with a broken nose he thought.”

The actress said the youngster was beaten up by kids at his school

Several fans were appalled by the devastating attack and praised the actress for stepping in.

One fan posted: “That’s awful, your a good person helping him Samantha . It’s surprising how many people don’t want to get involved when something like this happens.”

Another wrote: “Aww I bet you’re such a comfort to him. I hope he isn’t too hurt and it gets sorted.”

Co-star Michelle Hardwick who plays Vanessa Woodfield shared: “Makes me sick to my stomach. Hope he’s OK!”

Samantha is best known for playing Bernice Blackstock in the ITV soap

Last month it was revealed that popular character Bernice would be heading back to Emmerdale – just as her ex Liam’s love life is back on track.

She was last in the Dales two years ago and had dumped GP Liam the night before their wedding and fled to Australia to look after her ex-husband Charlie, who had been in an accident.

Samantha said: “As an actress, leaving a role that you love is always a hard decision.

“I’d been lucky to work so consistently for so long which is rare in our business.

Bernice is set to return to the Dales

“I’m a big believer in fate so when Emmerdale offered me a chance to return I took it as a sign that it was meant to be.

“I’m delighted to return to play out Bernice’s future storylines.

“She certainly arrives back with a bang – that’s all I’m allowed to say!”


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