Emmerdale’s Vanessa devastated as she’s told she still has to have chemo after bowel cancer op


EMMERDALE’S Vanessa Woodfield has been left devastated after being told she will still need chemotherapy.

The vet – who is played by actress Michelle Hardwick in the ITV soap – underwent an operation on her bowel cancer to remove the tumours on it and her lymph nodes.

Vanessa was hit with a double-whammy of good and bad news tonight

And despite the operation being a success, Vanessa was upset to realise she would still need chemotherapy.

After coming to, the surgeon visited to tell her: “You’ll also be relieved to find out how well your surgery went.

“I’m very confident we managed to remove the tumour and the affected lymph nodes. There were no nasty things waiting for us.

“As sure as it’s possible to be. And we were able to avoid fitting a stoma. You did brilliantly.”

The character got the surprise news at the end of Wednesday’s episode
A medic delivered the bad news saying: ‘I’m afraid I’d still like to proceed with a course of chemotherapy’

She asked the doctor: “So I won’t need chemo?”

The consultant replied: “I’m afraid I’d still like to proceed with a course of chemotherapy. As we discussed in clinic it makes sense to do a belt and braces job.”

But while it should have been good news, Vanessa was devastated to realise she wasn’t out of the woods yet.

Fans were in tears at the heartbreaking scenes.

One posted a string of crying emojis, writing: “Charity loves Vanessa so much, it hurts.”

A second said: “Vanessa’s happy and relieved face, Charity’s smile then Vanessa sad little face…my emotions are all over the joint.”

Another added: “Vanessa’s relief of knowing surgery when brilliantly but then the fear creeping back in when she realises she still has the chemo. Michelle Hardwick is a complete Powehouse!!! My emotions right now.”


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