Explosive EastEnders 35th anniversary episode explained as bosses confirm at least one character will die


A MAJOR EastEnders character will meet a grisly end next month as theyre killed to mark its 35th anniversary.

In scenes filmed this week, they will drown in the River Thames after toppling in from a party boat.

A major character will die during the boat party in EastEnders

What is the boat party storyline in EastEnders?

Queen Vic landlords Mick and Linda Carter win the best London pub contest in EastEnders and the prize is a boat party on the River Thames for the landlords and locals.

The weeks episodes, which will air in the third week of February, will cover 24 hours as the guests pile on the ferry and begin the celebrations.

BBC bosses have promised a double whammy of drama with chaos back in Albert Square while half of the neighbourhood are on the boat celebrating.

Fans know that the BBC soap features the London river in its credits, and the shows anniversary will be the perfect opportunity to finish someone off in the Thames.

Producer Jon Sen said: We wanted to entertain the audience on the iconic river which has heralded the start of the show for 35 years.”

The Carters realise they’ve won the best London pub contest in EastEnders

Who dies in the EastEnders 35th anniversary episode?

EastEnders have confirmed that a Walford favourite is going to lose their life next month when death comes to the Square.

A number of characters including Mick, Linda, Sharon Mitchell, Ian Beale and Phil Mitchell will be on board – but whos in line for a shock death?

Its not yet known who will face their grisly end in the river, but that hasnt stopped fans taking to Twitter to speculate.

One fan tweeted: I’m calling that Linda falls off the boat and dies, hammered, as Shazzas giving birth….

Another viewers tweeted in response to speculation that Ben and Callum will die on the boat: #Ballum will be fine and IF they are on the boat, it will create drama and hopefully not too much angst. I do however think that it will be Mick that dies and I really don’t want it to be.

Another viewer tweeted: Lexi is gonna push Janet off the boat next month to claim her crown. Thats who I think will die #EastEnders.


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