Hollyoaks Aeden Duckworth reveals off-screen football accident is the real reason Ollies on crutches


HOLLYOAKS star Aeden Duckworth has revealed his character Ollie Morgan is on crutches because of a real life football accident.

The 19-year-old soap star hurt his leg back in November and won’t be out of a brace until next month.

Hollyoaks star Aeden Duckworth has revealed his character Ollie Morgan is on crutches because of a real life football accident

He told Digital Spy: “It sounds pathetic, and I wish I had a really cool story, like I was fighting a grizzly bear, or a shark or something.

“In all honesty, I was playing football. I did it in November, and I will have a big fat brace of my leg until March.

“Initially, I thought I’d be up and running before New Year yeah that’s not happened. I’m glad I’m off crutches to say the least.”

Meanwhile things are going to get “much darker” for troubled Ollie before they get better in the soap, as drug dealer Jordan Price sets his sights on the grieving lad.

Ollie is in a bad place after having his baby taken away

Ollie was forced to give up his baby boy after being told his dad Luke Morgan was dying.

The teenage footballer had been planning to raise the baby as a single father with the help of his dad after former girlfriend Brooke decided she didnt want to be a mother.

Viewers will see the teen begin to go off the rails, as the once straight-laced student begins to “self-destruct” through alcohol and drugs.

Ollie and friend Sid Summers use fake IDs to get into a local nightclub, and Ollie catches the attention of dealer Jordan.

Ollie begins to party to cope with the loss of his son

“Ollie will always fall into the trap of thinking that the person whos hard, the person thats scary, who no one wants to talk to, or wants to upset, who gets involved in something he shouldnt get involved with, is quite a cool guy,” said Aeden.

“I wouldnt say he idolises [Jordan], but he does look up to him and think hes pretty cool. Hes also very skeptical, scared, and intimidated.”

Jordan, played by Connor Calland, has been aiming to turn the village into a hotbed for selling illegal pills and he wants his cousin Sids girlfriend Juliet to help him.

It seems like he’s also planning to involve Ollie, and Aeden shared: “I can only see the future being a lot darker and a lot worse for him if this is the way he wants to deal with things.”

Drug dealer Jordan will target Ollie

Ollie was forced to give up his baby boy in emotional scenes

He said: “Unfortunately, I cant see any positives. Hes going to have to go through a lot still. Hes already been through losing his kid, his dads terminal illness – thats only going to get worse.

“If drugs are going to get added to the mix now as well, its not a good time for Ollie.”

Jordan has also caught the eye of Leelas daughter Perri (Ruby ODonnell), and it’s clear that Jordans influence over the younger villagers is only just beginning.


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