Hollyoaks fans fear Mandy Richardson is dead as she vanishes after Juliet Quinn spikes her drink with ketamine


HOLLYOAKS fans are worried Mandy is dead as she vanishes after Juliet Quinn spikes her drink with ketamine.

Mandy had a rough New Year’s Eve as Nancy revealed to the party at the Hutch that she slept with her boyfriend Darren – after giving their relationship her blessing.

Cindy and Leela take Mandy for a night out to forget about Darren

The fate of their relationship up in the year, Cindy convinces Mandy to go on a night out at the Loft to try and forget about the drama.

Meanwhile, Juliet and Sid slip into the club after picking up ketamine from Sid’s cousin.

Juliet attempts to steal Mandy’s drink, but she catches and confronts the underage teenager.

Not liking how Mandy speaks to her, Juliet decides to spike her drink, before heading to the toilet with Sid to do drugs themselves.

After run in with Juliet, the troubled teen decides to spike her drink

Cindy walks a worse-for-wear Mandy home, not knowing she’s actually high and in a much more vulnerable state.

Mandy says: “I can’t feel my fight.”

To which Cindy replies: “No wonder, you’ve been dancing all day. Now get upstairs and get some frozen peas on them,” before rushing back home to Luke.

She leaves Mandy at the door, where she drops her lipstick and photo of her late daughter Grace.

Cindy walks Mandy to the door, but viewers don’t see her enter

Bending down to pick them up, her vision goes blurry.

In the closing scenes of the episode, Darren is heard leaving a message on her answer phone begging Mandy to come home.

A hidden figure then walks up to the door, picking up the lipstick and the photo – with Mandy nowhere to be seen.

A mysterious figure picks up Mandy’s belongings – as a message from Darren on Mandy’s phone reveals she hasn’t come home

Fans feared the worse for the character – worrying she’d even be kidnapped or killed.

One person said: “Actually scared for Mandy, never leave your drinks behind #hollyoaks”

Another added: “Poor Mandy @Hollyoaks #Hollyoaks”

A third remarked: “Somebody find Mandy and help her. #Hollyoaks”


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