Hollyoaks fans in shock as Donna-Marie returns after being released from prison


HOLLYOAKS fans are in shock at Donna-Marie’s return to the village.

The prostitute – who is played by actress Lucy-Jo Hudson in the ITV soap – was sent to prison for murder after James framed her but now Breda McQueen was exposed as the serial killer, Donna-Marie’s been let out.

Donna-Marie made her comeback to the village tonight

As James was trying to comfort Juliet for her confused feelings and relationship trouble, he took her to eat chips outside.

He said: “I’m sorry I wasn’t around when you and Romeo were growing up but I meant what I said before, things are going to be different from now on.”

But as if on cue at that moment Donna-Marie stepped off a bus.

“Well isn’t this cute,” she said still clutching her prison belongings in a bag.

James and Juliet were horrified at her return

She added: “Batten down the hatches because little miss hurricane is back in town.”

The return of Donna-Marie, who was framed for murder by James, was expected by fans but they were shocked she was released so soon.

And they are already dreading what she has planned for her poor children.

One wrote: “Donna Marie is back to cause trouble.”

A second said: “Not Donna Marie…”

Another added: “Go away Donna Marie. One of the most annoying characters in soap.”

* Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30om with a first look episode following at


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