Hollyoaks fans shocked as Warren kidnaps Brody after mysterious return to the show


HOLLYOAKS fans were left shocked as Warren kidnapped Brody following his mysterious return to the show.

The notoriousbad boy returned last night, ominously promising the twins that it was time to put the entire family “back together again”.

There was shock tonight as Warren turned up in the village to kidnap Brody

Tonight’s first-look episode saw him watching ex Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) and also her boyfriend Brody (Adam Woodward) before snatching him.

In a sinister scene, while he was watching the pair he was reading the Little Red Riding Hood story to his twins, ending with the moment the wolf (or in this case Fox) strikes.

The show ended with Warren coming up behind Brody and covering his mouth to stop him shouting, before kidnapping him.

Fans were shocked by this scene, with one tweeting: “Brody!!! Warren better not hurt him.”

Viewers saw Warren watching Brody
Warren was also watching his ex-Sienna

This one said: “Warren’s kidnapped Brody!”

While another commented: “Warren fox up to his old tricks again. Weve missed you foxy.”

Another one tweeted: “Omggg brody!! Now we know what Warren was up to.”

Warren left Hollyoaks fans reeling last night when he returned to the soap.

Warren then pounced on Brody, grabbing him by the mouth



The village villain appeared in an explosive finale to the first-look episode when he marched through the port terminal with kidnapped twins Sophie and Sebastian.

Snarling, he said: “Come on kids, it’s time to put our family back together again.”

Poor Siennas world came crashing down in 2017 when Warrenkidnapped their daughter Sophiestraight after Sienna gave birth, and laterabducted their son Sebastian.

Warren returned to Hollyoaks last night in an explosive final scene

Earlier this year, she stumbled across some twins in a hotel and, believing they were hers, tried to get them back.

Brody and Liberty persuaded her they werent her kids – but it later turned out she was right as viewers saw the realau pair Nina return the twins to Warren.

He kidnapped the twins from Sienna in 2017 and the former couple are set for a brutal showdown in the coming days when Sienna realises Brody is missing

Spoiler below:

Warren tells Sienna that their son Sebastian is in danger

In an upcoming episode, Sienna is worried after Brody doesn’t come home at night when she gets an anonymous message asking her to meet in the village.

And she’s shocked to find that it’s Warren waiting for her in the closed salon.

Sienna flies into a rage and lashes out at him for ruining her life – butshes stunned when he reveals that their son Sebastian is in danger and needs her help.


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