Hollyoaks horror as Mercedes McQueen suffers devastating miscarriage after showdown with serial killer Silas


HOLLYOAKS was hit by horror last night as Mercedes McQueen suffered a devastating miscarriage after a shock showdown with serial killer Silas.

The Dog on the Pond landlady – who is played by actress Jennifer Metcalfe in the Channel 4 soap – lost her baby with husband Sylver McQueen after the shock of Silas being back.

Mercedes lost her baby last night – and it’s Silas’ fault

After a drunk Cher went missing, Mercedes received a text message showing a picture of her stepdaughter unconscious on the McQueen family sofa.

She raced home to save her and armed herself with a candlestick – but the blackmailer was long gone.

Heading out she phoned Sylver to tell him she wouldn’t go too far but that she wanted to retrace Cher’s steps and he made her promise to wait for him.

But when her phone rang again, she thought it was Sylver – but instead she stood in shock at the top of the wall steps and realised Silas was on the other end.

The serial killer has vile plans for Mercedes
She fell from the shock of him being back

“Try again,” he said as she stopped in shock.

“Your move, slut,” he added as the shock caused her to fall back down the stairs.

Tragically she was then rushed to hospital after Sylver found her and the bad news was delivered.

Sylver was left to break the news.

He told her: “You’re in hospital and you’ve had a fall but you’re OK.

“The doctors did an ultrasound, they couldn’t find a heartbeat…”

At first she tried to get up to confront Silas again, but after hearing the news she broke down in the hospital bed.

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