Hollyoaks Maxine forced into prostitution by evil Liam Donovan


HOLLYOAKS’ Maxine Minniver is going to be forced into prostitution by her evil brother-in-law Liam Donovan.

The single mum – who is played by actress Nikki Sanderson in the Channel 4 soap – is being blamed by Liam for the death of his brother Jesse after she served him alcohol at his own wedding.

Liam is going to force Maxine into prostitution

Despite his sister Grace and the police making it clear Maxine was not responsible for Jesse’s death, Liam only pretended to forget about destroying her.

Instead he broke into her flat and found her cupboards bare and hatched a sickening plan to force her to become a prostitute so she can feed her daughter.

In the coming weeks he will convince Maxine to “entertain” one of his business associates before issuing even darker demands.

It will be made clear how Maxine has no choice if she wants to feed, clothe and look after her young daughter.

Maxine has no choice but to fall for Liam’s manipulations

Nikki told the Daily Star Sunday: “Maxine has nothing and no-one. Liam knows she’s vulnerable and wants to manipulate and use her.”

She added: “Minnie is the most important thing in Maxine’s life. At the moment she’s living in a flat that’s cold. She can’t afford food or the clothes that Minnie needs.

“Liam offers her this opportunity to help him close a business deal. She agrees and gets paid a substantial amount of money to pour this guy a few drinks.

“She’s happy to do it but has no idea what Liam is planning for her.”

Nikki added: “”It’s a road that Maxine is going to be forced to take. She thinks, ‘I either do this and Minnie gets to stay in a warm home, has food in her belly and clothes on her back, or she’s going to end up on the streets.’ .

“It just made me feel so sad for Maxine when I found out what was going to happen.”

* Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm with a first look episode following at 7pm on E4


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