Hollyoaks Nancy and Kyle are left reeling after she loses another baby following school stabbing


NANCY Osborne’s worst fear sadly came true as she tragically lost her baby after being stabbed at Hollyoaks High School.

This is the second time that the school teacher has lost a baby and both her and fiance Kyle Kelly are struggling to come to terms with their loss.

Nancy was left reeling after she loses her baby following school stabbing

Kyle tells Jack Osborne, Nancy’s ex Darren Osborne’s father, that she had a miscarriage and is overcome with emotion.

He was then shocked to find out that this is not the first time Nancy’s has been through the trauma of losing a baby, as Jack explained Nancy lost her first child when her and Darren were still together.

Asking how to get through such a painful experience, Jack advises Kyle to open up to Nancy and they need to rely on each other in what is an extremely difficult time for the pair.

An angry Nancy made it clear that she did not want to be treated like a “wounded animal” and is desperate to get justice for her shocking stabbing.

Kyle is in tears as he breaks the news

Meanwhile, Kyle is struggling and may resort back to drugs to help him cope with Nancy’s miscarriage.

He was seen texting drug dealer Jordan Price and arranged a secret meet-up to get his stash, but we have yet to see him take any.

Nancy’s ex Dan Osborne was also seen struggling throughout the episode, with his former wife experiencing what they went though as a couple all over again proving too much for the bartender as he was unable to hold back his tears.

Whilst having a conversation with Kyle, Nancy branded herself useless and claimed it is easier to suppress how she is feeling about the attack and miscarriage rather than opening up.

Nancy then begins to suspect Sid Summer knows something about who stabbed her and stormed over to his house demanding answers.

Sid, the son of far-right extremist Stuart Summer and who has caused trouble at Hollyoaks High School before, claimed he did not know anything about who attacked his teacher.

She then warned to call the police on Sid should she find out he was hiding something.

Later on Nancy’s strong exterior couldn’t hold up much longer, as she starts weeping whilst talking to Kyle about her horrific past couple of days.


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