Joe Swash reveals he didn’t want to postpone his wedding to Stacey Solomon but she’s determined ‘they need to wait’


JOE Swash has revealed that he didn’t want to postpone his wedding to Stacey Solomon, but that she was determined to wait.

Taking to Instagram from an intimate Q&A with fans, the former EastEnders actor revealed he would “marry her tomorrow” if he could.

Joe revealed he would marry Stacey “tomorrow” if he could
He told fans how the pair had decided to wait until after the birth

TV star Joe, 39, was asked by fans whether or not they would be getting married before their baby girl arrives in around two months time.

“Are you and Stace getting married before the baby arrives?” the follower asked him, to which he replied with one of their engagement photos.

The proud father-of-two – who is also step-dad to Stacey’s sons Zachary, 13, and Leighton, nine – wrote in the caption of how they had to “wait”.

“I would marry her tomorrow,” he began the sweet post. “But we both wanted to wait until next year, that way all of the kids can be there.”

Joe sweetly concluded the answer to the personal question, adding: “Couldn’t not have our flower girl there could we.”

The star also revealed that he and Stacey are yet to pick a name for their baby girl as they have “no clue” and ask for “ideas” from fans.

“Hopefully when she’s here we will just know,” Joe added ahead of the birth, which is expected in late September or early October.

In a recent Instagram video, Stacey gave fans a rough due date with followers while apologising for not being as active on social media as she usually is.

The 31-year-old star told fans with a smile: “I feel like I’m really just rubbish at the moment. I remember when I used to be really good at Instagram and I used to have really good days.

“Now I feel like I’m constantly chasing my tail and trying to get my work commitments in and be with the boys as much as possible.”

After revealing the latest addition to the Swash-Solomon family will be arriving in eight or nine weeks she added: “But hopefully when she comes I’ll just be able to chill and be myself.”

The pregnant star went for her scan with her fiance Joe, 39, last month and revealed the verdict in an emotional post.

She told fans she’s expecting a little sister for her three sons Rex, two, Leighton, nine, and Zach, 13.

Stacey revealed: “Baby Girl. I can not believe I’m writing this… We are growing a little baby girl.

“To our darling boys, you are the best big brothers anyone could wish for and you’re little sister is the luckiest girl in the world to have you all by her side. I honestly have no words…

“Mummy Daddy and ALL of your big brothers can not wait to meet you little one…We love you so so much already darling girl.”

Stacey and Joe are currently expecting a baby girl

The couple have put their wedding on hold until after their baby is born


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