Katie McGlynn has smear test on Lorraine after Coronation Street character Sinead died of cervical cancer


FORMER Coronation Street star Katie McGlynn filmed herself having a smear test in a bid to raise awareness for cervical cancer.

The 27-year-old actress marked Cervical Cancer Awareness Week with the swab after her soap character Sinead died from the disease in a dramatic story-line last October.

Kate got her smear test done on camera to raise awareness

Katie allowed cameras to accompany her to the smear test, a decision she explained on ITV’s Lorraine was to help “save lives”.

“‘Cervical screenings are the best way to protect against cervical cancer,” the star tells the camera as she filmed herself getting the swab.

“But many of us are still too shy, too scared, too embarrassed to go for our appointment. Well lucky for you, I am on my way to the hospital to get my smear test to prove to you all that there is nothing to worry about.”

The clip went on to show her doctor, Dr Sally Harris, who agreed it was important to dispel rumours that the tests weren’t being done during the pandemic.

The actress was told it would be a “little uncomfortable” but over quickly

Katie’s Corrie character Sinead died of the cancer on-screen

“I think it is a brilliant thing that you are doing. There is a lot of misinformation out there that these types of procedures aren’t happening during the Covid crisis,” she explained.

“But actually, while it might be more to get your appointment, it is still really important that you attend for your routine screening.”

Cameras continued to roll as the doctor explained the procedure to Katie, saying it would be “a little bit uncomfortable” but over quickly.

“It was really straightforward,” Katie explained after the screening. “I felt super comfortable with Dr Sally. I didn’t feel embarrassed.

The star told Lorraine women need to get over their “embarrassment”

“Yeah there were some thoughts going through my head like, “Ooh, I’ve not shaved my legs” but all in all it was a pretty smooth experience.”

She urged viewers: “‘Ladies, if any of you have had your cervical screening invitation, please make sure you go. It is so important. It could save your life.”

Katie joined Lorraine live to go over the experience, and try and dispel the “embarrassment” women feel by encouraging them there is “nothing to worry about”.

“Even in the pandemic, if anything, I personally found it a little bit better because everybody had the mask on, there were measures in place, it felt more protected in a way,” the actress went on.

Katie’s story line on Coronation Street saw a rise in smear tests last year

“I would strongly urge anyone who isn’t at high risk, who is able to go for the smear test, if they have the invitation, they should definitely go. 

‘The embarrassment side really shouldn’t take over. The doctors see it day in day out. They are really not looking at the aesthetics, it’s a very clinical operation that is done in like two minutes.”

Katie concluded that she was glad to highlight the illness on Coronation Street last year, having received messages from women who put off the smear test and went on to have cancerous cells.

“It can save your life by going for a smear so it is so important,” she honed in. “I sound like a broken record to my family and friends and on social media, but ladies, please go for the smear because it can save your life.”


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