Kushs assault case in EastEnders explained as he faces an impossible decision over Whitney Dean


KUSH is urged to plead guilty to GBH against Leo King next week in EastEnders by his solicitor Gray Atkins.

Kush and Whitney are set to go to court for the assault and murder of Leo – but will Kush follow Grays advice?

Kush is set to appear in court next Friday for GBH against Leo King

Why is Kush appearing in court in EastEnders?

Kush is set to appear in court next Friday in EastEnders for GBH against Leo King after being accused of shoving him from the Prince Albert balcony last month.

Kush had reached the end of his tether after Leo refused to stop stalking Whitney.

Leo then got a job at the market to harass Whitney and hurled a load of abuse at stallholder Kat.

Leo was then dragged away by the police and Kush, Kat and Whitney went to the Prince Albert to celebrate.

But disaster struck when Leo popped up and started to manhandle Whitney.

Kush intervened and a fight ensued, leading Kush to accidentally shove Leo over the balcony.

When Leo woke up he was quick to press charges against Kush.

Gray urges him to plead guilty to the GBH charge

What impossible decision will Kush face?

With Leo now dead, Kush is determined to plead not guilty.

But in an episode next week, Kushs solicitor Gray Atkins is urged by his boss to make Kush plead guilty so that they don’t lose the case by fighting it.

When Gray sows seeds of doubt into Kushs mind, Kat finds out and lashes out at Gray.

Gray tells her that Kush pleading guilty could help Whitney.

Will Kush follow Grays advice and plead guilty?

Kush accidentally shoved Leo from the pub balcony

Why is Whitney Dean appearing in court?

Whitney has been charged with murdering Leo after handing himself in for stabbing him in self-defence.

The long-suffering stallholder is due to appear in court next week.

Viewers were stunned when Leo popped up in Whitneys room holding a knife after spying on her from the attic.

A scuffle ensued and as Leo dragged Whitney to the ground, he ended up falling on his knife.

Official spoilers have revealed that the pressure of the job is set to get to Gray next week, leading him to lash out at Chantelle.

Gray then tells Chantelle that he’s going to drop Whitney’s case.

Could this further complicate things further for Whitney?


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