Nigel Havers teases Coronation Street return as dead Lewis Archers twin brother living in Australia


CORONATION Street favourite Nigel Havers has teased a comeback to the ITV soap – despite the fact his character Lewis Archer is dead.

The iconic TV actor made the telling comment on Tuesday’s episode of Good Morning Britain, giving fans hope he could return to the Cobbles at some point.

Nigel Havers has teased a return to Coronation Street as Lewis Archer’s long lost twin

His con man character first appeared on the soap from 2009-2010 and returned from 2012-2013.

Another comeback saw a shorter stint from June 2018, before the character passed away in 2019 from a heart attack, in a bittersweet ending that came before he was able to propose to Audrey Roberts.

When quizzed about the comeback by GMB hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, he replied: “Yes – he obviously has a twin brother living in Australia.”

Piers chipped in: “Everybody comes back from the dead in soaps,” to which Nigel replied: “Yes.

Piers Morgan quizzed Nigel on his ITV soap return
Nigel’s character died in 2019 before he could propose to Audrey
He said there could be an opening for Lewis’ brother who lived in Australia

“It is the normal thing.”

Talking of co-star Sue Nicholls, who played former on screen lover Audrey Roberts, he added: “She text me the other day.

“She said I owe you an apology about your Brazilian accent .. so there’s a clue,” before covering his mouth with his hand in mock shock.

It remains to be seen whether Corrie bosses are planning the plot twist, which fans would no doubt love.

Nigel told how he had been texting his ex co star this week

Lewis initially had an on-off relationship with Audrey Roberts but broke her heart after stealing from Barlow’s Bookies and fleeing the country.

However he returned in 2012, and reunited with Audrey after paying back the money he stole and claiming to be a changed man.

They split up partly due to pressure from Audrey’s daughter Gail Platt and barmaid Gloria Price who didn’t approve of their relationship.

Gail then began a secret affair with Lewis after he promised her they’d move to Italy to start a new life.

He cheekily suggested his character’s sibling would arrive with a Brazilian accent

But instead he duped her, stealing 40,000 from her bank account and doing a runner once again.

Meanwhile London-born Nigel once jested about his relationship on screen with co-star Sue Nicholls,who plays Audrey Robertssaying,Sue is a very good kisser if I may say. She is the most wonderful woman.

Roger Moore always told me that he would say to the girl before a sex scene, I want to apologise now if I get an erection, then he would say, And if I dont… I said that to Sue, she laughed out of bed.


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