Nine huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Michelles revenge on love rat Robert


CORONATION Streets Michelle schemes to swindle love rat Robert out of every penny he owns.

The long-suffering fiancee – played by Kym Marsh on the ITV soap – will hatch a plan to destroy Robert but will she get her revenge? Heres the lowdown from the cobbles…

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Corrie’s Michelle gets her revenge against cheating Robert on their wedding day

1. Kel threatens revenge

Bernie and Gemma realise that Paul must be behind the cobbles’ burglaries as the only other person with access to Billys diary.

The pair are then disgusted when they break into his flat andfind illegal pictures proving Kels a paedophile.

It all kicks off when Kel is arrested in connection to the burglaries and Bernie drops in that shes also reported him for sexual abuse.

Kel is furious when police show him the sickening photos found at his flat during his interview.

He later warns Bernie that shell regret ever crossing him.

But how will the paedo get his revenge against his former lover for her betrayal?

Kel swears revenge when Bernie reports him to the police for abuse

2. Kel holds Bernie hostage

Paul worries about having to speak out about Kel’s abuse and provide a statement to the police.

The victim isn’t sure he can face dredging up his painful past.

Meanwhile, a vengeful Kel steals the house key and holds Bernie hostage at No5.

But luckily, Gemma and Chesney come to her rescue.

Bernie promises to turn over a new leaf and be a better mum as she’s horrified to have failed to notice her son’s suffering.

Kel holds Bernie hostage in <a href=''>Coronation Street</a>” width=”960″ height=”866″ /><figcaption class=Kel holds Bernie hostage in Coronation Street

3. Paul opens up

Billy arranges for his lover Paul to visit a counsellor at a sexual abuse charity in the wake of Kel’s arrest.

Paul manages to confide in his therapist Andy about his trauma.

Filled with hope after support from his therapist,Paul feels ready to make a statement against Kel.

But will he manage to speak out this time and get evil Kel locked up behind bars?

Paul makes a breakthrough in Coronation Street
Paul makes a breakthrough in Coronation Street

4. Jade frames Hope for a fire

Hope causes trouble when Fiz refuses to throw her a fireworks party.

Tyrone is concerned she is up to her old tricks and tells Fiz they should host it to stop Hope acting out.

With the party in full swing, the exhausted parents are shocked to see the backyard erupt in flames.

And Hope watches from afar with glee…

Hope is back to her old tricks in Coronation Street
Hope is back to her old tricks in Coronation Street

5. Fiz is honest with Tyrone

Tyrone and Fiz realise that the fire must have been started by Hope.

A defeated Fiz then admits to Tyrone that she thinks Hope was behind the factory fire too, but thatshe was scared Tyrone would leave her if the truth came out.

Then things take a turn when Jack says that the fire had already erupted as he and Hope entered the backyard.

So who started the flames?

Fiz is honest with Tyrone about Hope in Corrie

Fiz is honest with Tyrone about Hope in Corrie

6. Fiz loses it

Fiz and Tyrone decide Hope needs some tough love after acting out at the party.

Jade also implies to Evelyn that Fiz and Tyrone are bad parents – what is the teaching assistant up to?

Meanwhile, Fiz is stunned to find a lighter stashed away in Hopes doll.

Furious, she flies into a rage and smashes the little girl’s iPad.

Later in the week, Fiz breaks the news to Jade that her services will no longer be required.

But it seems unlikely the evil tutor will take the news lying down…

Fiz smashes Hope's iPad when she finds a lighter in her dollin Corrie
Fiz smashes Hope’s iPad when she finds a lighter in her doll

7. Michelle plans her revenge

Michelle tells Robert its time to gather up their family to tell them about their upcoming wedding.

But little does the love rat know that the long-suffering fiancee has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Later, she tells Carla that he hasnt done enough to win her back.

She gets busy scheming how to swindle him out of every single penny he has.

Michelle secretly plans her revenge in Corrie
Michelle secretly plans her revenge in Corrie

8. Roy oversteps the mark

Viewers were touched when Corrie legend Roy found his sibling after competing against him at online scrabble.

He and Carla then paid him a surprise visit.

But upon arriving, a care worker revealed to a devastated Roy that his brother is seriously ill with pulmonary fibrosis.

Next week, Roy offers to help with Richards goth daughter Ninas duties but she refuses.

So Roy goes and calls social services and asks for a re-assessment of Richards situation.

Ninas fuming with Roy when she realises Richards carer has quit.

But her words go in one ear and out the other as he oversteps the mark again, announcing that hes going to take over Ninas duties.

Didnt get the message the first time Roy?

9. Robert puts his foot in it again

Legal Eagle Adam advises Michelle not to continue with her risky plan to swindle the Bistro from Robert.

But it seems unlikely that Michelle will hold back after Robert accidentally let slip that Vicky knows about her traumatic miscarriage with baby Ruari.

Roberts move is likely to push Michelle over the edge.

Has the love rat just made things a whole lot worse for himself?


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