Sherrie Hewson celebrates 70th birthday with second face lift to transform her looks


SHERRIE Hewson wants to “live every day to the max” including celebrating her 70th birthday with a second facelift.

The Coronation Street actress learnt the important lesson after she lost her brother, Brett Hutchinson, 71, died from a brain tumour earlier this year.

Sherrie Hewson, 70, celebrated her milestone birthday by getting a facelift

Brett died in April leaving Sherrie “completely broken”, especially because she couldn’t visit him due to the coronavirus lockdown.

She admitted she still does not feel “very strong” after losing her brother.

“Whenever I hear any Motown music, which he loved, I just cry. The pain is so terrible, my heart is broken,” she told the Mirror.

“Now I look at my life and think, ‘Hang on a minute, what have I got, how long have I got?’

The Corrie actress got a ‘love handle facelift’ (LHF) and is over the moon with the results

The procedure involves removing fat from the hips and stomach then combine it with blood to release stem cells

“I mean, look at my brother. Two years ago he was the healthiest thing on this planet.

“So none of us know what’s going to happen.”

Sherrie explained that unknown in life is what inspires her to “be healthy and well for my grandchildren”.

“I wish I had planned more when I was younger. Instead I just went steaming ahead, thinking I was going to live forever,” the actress explained.

She decided to do it after her brother died in April and she wanted to live life to the fullest after that

“Brett was only a couple of years older than me, so as I go into my seventies his death has made me want to live every day to the max.”

One thing she decided to do was to get some cosmetic surgery for a “boost”.

Sherrie opted for a “love handle facelift” (LHF) which involves fat from around the hips and stomach and stomach area.

Doctors then combine that fat blood, to encourage stem cells to be released from the fat.

Sherrie has spoken about how she’s still broken after Bill’s death

“The LHF was a quick treatment and it’s given me such a boost. I feel like it’s rejuvenated my skin and restored all the volume – it’s natural looking with no cutting, and it was all done in under an hour,” Sherrie explained.

“I absolutely love the results.”

She added: “I had a facelift when I was 50 and I’ve had bits and bobs done throughout the years – a bit of botox and filler. But I haven’t had anything done for a long time now.

“But as I approached 70. I just thought, ‘What will I do for myself at this age?’ I thought I would give myself a last kind of boost so I can look in the mirror and think, ‘You’re not bad for your age.’”

She said it made her realise how precious and short life can be

Sherrie admitted the facelift would help her “give myself a lift after all the stuff I have been through, particularly in the last 18 months”.

“I need to give my self-confidence and self-worth a big kick up the a**e so can I feel good about myself and hold my head up high,” she said.

Sherrie’s recent treatment was not her first, she also had a facelift when she was 50 years old

Sherrie has opened up previously about how she believed her brother had coronavirus when he died.

She’s convinced that coronavirus played a part in his sudden downturn after he was diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma – the most common and aggressive brain tumour in adults.

“I’ll always believe that Covid had something to do with his, they call it pneumonia but I don’t believe that,” she said.

“Controversially I believe that that’s what it was called but no one, you can’t prove things, the sadness and the pain was too big to carry on and create a fuss.”

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