What happens in Coronation Street on Christmas Day? ITV will air an hour special at 8pm


GUN horror is coming to Coronation Street in its Christmas Day hour special as unhinged Derek Milligan rocks the cobbles Winter Wonderland with an armed siege that leaves two mystery residents shot.

Heres the lowdown on whats going on in Corrie on Christmas Day…

Gary stalks Winter Wonderland to find and end Gary

The gun is stolen

On Christmas Eve, Fiz drops off items from a house clearance at the furniture shop.

But Gary is shocked to realise that the antique gun is still live and quickly bundles it away in a cupboard.

On Christmas day, Garys aghast to find the furniture door open and the gun and its ammunition missing.

Gary accuses Ali of stealing the gun from the furniture shop

Derek holds Gary at gunpoint

In the run up to Christmas, Gary decides to show Derek whos boss by kidnapping him and holding him hostage.

The evil builder will make sure Derek misses his holiday to Florida with his children.

But as Christmas day rolls around the corner, the tables turn on Gary.

After the gun from the furniture shop goes missing, Gary accuses Ali and fights with him in the pub.

Everyone is stunned when Derek bursts into the Rovers and points the rifle at the evil loan shark.

Unhinged Derek holds Gary at gunpoint in Corrie

Derek chases Gary into Winter Wonderland

Worried about the pub punters getting caught in the firing line, Gary lures Derek outside and into Winter Wonderland.

Derek stalks the premises with his rifle at the ready, desperate to get revenge on Gary for ruining his chances with his kids.

Gary runs for his life with Derek hot at his heels in Corrie

The Platts hide

Gary warns the Platts to take cover with hooligan Derek on the loose.

The residents are terrified as they learn of the gun horror.

Luckily, the festive attraction provides a few handy hiding spots during the armed siege.

The Platts are terrified when Gary orders them to hide

Shonas treasure hunt ends disastrously

Shona has organised a surprise treasure hunt for Davids birthday.

The newly wed wife has wrapped herself up as a present in a huge oversized box.

But with such a good hiding spot, will Derek mistake her for Gary and fire his gun?

Shona wraps herself up for David with disastrous consequences

Bethany and Michael are caught in the chaos

Bethany and Michael are caught in the middle of Winter Wonderland – set up by Michael – when disaster strikes.

They try and get updates via their phone, resolving no to move until they know its safe.

Michael and Bethany are caught in the chaos in Corrie

Adam pops the question to Sarah

Emotions are running high amid the gun violence but Adam assures her theyll escape unscathed.

He then takes the opportunity to ask Sarah to marry him.

But will they make it out alive?

Adam takes the opportunity to propose to Sarah

Two residents are shot

The bloodbath will see two people shot.

HOAR exclusively revealed in October that Robert Preston will be fatally shot.

Shona Ramsey is going to be left in a coma after the fight breaks out between Gary and Derek.

Both characters lives will be left hanging in the balance and at least one will die – who will it be?

Derek shoots at two mystery resident during the gun horror

Seb comes to a decision

In the run up to Christmas, Seb will have a big choice to make as his ex-girlfriend Alina Pop returns to the cobbles for him.

Alina left the cobbles in August after her involvement in the soaps harrowing modern slavery storyline came to a head.

Seb was devastated when she returned to Romania but has since moved on with Emma Brooker.

On Christmas day, with Alinas return hanging over him, Seb comes to a decision about his future with Emma.

Seb comes to an important decision about his future with Emma

Michelle gets her things together ready to leave the cobbles

Michelle plans to leave the street

A victorious Michelle puts her affairs in order ready to the leave the street after exacting revenge on her love rat fiancee Robert Preston.

But will her exit go smoothly?

Corrie fans will know that the bistro owner is in for a nasty surprise as she realises the identity of the mysterious bistro buyer.


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