When is Victorias baby due in Emmerdale? Fans predict Wendy will cause heartache for the new mum


EMMERDALE fans are in for an emotional ride this New Year as Victoria Sugden gives birth to her rapist Lee Posner’s child.

Fans are convinced unhinged mum Wendy Posner will kidnap the baby following the birth as a way of clinging on to Lee.

Victoria is set to give birth on New Year’s Day in Emmerdale

When is Victoria’s baby due in Emmerdale?

Victoria is set to give birth to the baby slap bang in the middle of New Years Day in Emmerdale.

Official spoilers have revealed that Victoria will leave the New Years party before the bells toll when she feels her baby kicking.

As the New Year fireworks go off, Victorias waters break.

Victoria will be anxious to see the babys face given it’s the son of rapist Lee but will immediately fall in love with it when she holds it for the first time.

Fans will have to tune in to find out exact details about Vic’s baby birth.

Mum Diane worries about Victoria having to face Wendy back in the village in Emmerdale

What happened to the baby’s father?

Viewers watched on in horror as Victoria was attacked by evil Lee after he walked her home from a night out earlier this year in shocking pre-watershed scenes.

Following Victorias ordeal, she realised she was pregnant with rapist Lees child.

Robert brutally attacked Lee with a spade this summer as the thug taunted him about attacking his sister, Victoria.

Lee was in a coma after the attack before dying.

But his reign of terror has continued over the family after his mum and brother moved into the village for a permanent stay.

Vic leaves the New Year’s party early after feeling her baby kick in Emmerdale

How is Wendy related to Victoria’s baby?

Wendy is the mother of rapist Lee Posner, who is the father of Victorias baby – making Wendy the grandmother of Vics baby.

In the wake of Vics birth, mum Diane is left worrying about her daughter having to face Wendy when she gets back to the village.

Will Lees grieving mother keep her distance or are Vics problems only just beginning?

Emmerdale fans were left convinced that Lees brother Luke wants to kidnap Victorias baby after he magically appeared in her life and claimed not to realise who she was.

Could Lees mum Wendy be in on the plan?

Aaron has made it clear Luke and Wendy aren’t welcome in Emmerdale

What do Emmerdale fans predict for the storyline?

Fans are convinced that grieving Wendy will try and kidnap the baby once its born.

One fan tweeted: Wendy is a real head case. Victoria better watch her back. I wouldnt be surprised if she kidnapped that baby as soon as its born.

Another added: Wendy is going to end up abducting Victorias baby boy. You know its gonna happen.

A third said: Wendy is a nutcase – she’s definitely going to try and steal Victoria’s baby when it’s born.

A fourth fan tweeted: Wendy is never going to give Victoria peace when she has the baby & I still think Wendy could kidnap the baby.


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