Who is Himesh Patel? EasterEnders Tamwar Masood and Jack Malik in romcom Yesterday


FORMER Eastenders star Himesh Patel has hit the big-time following his departure from Albert Square.

Alongside Jack Malik, the 29-year-old Patel starred in his first feature movie, called Yesterday.

But what else do we know about Himesh ? Read on to find out.

Patel’s new film Yesterday premiered in June 2019

Early Life

Patel was born on 13th October 1990 in Cambridgeshire to Indian parents.

From a young age he would always impersonate his favourite TV and film characters, hoping one day he would be able to make it to the small and big screen.

After performing in his first school play aged 11, his parents then signed him up for a local theatre group, the Key Youth Theatre in Peterborough.

He liked Indie, rock and Bollywood music growing up and played both the piano and the guitar.

Patel is joined by co-stars Lily James and Ed Sheeran at the premiere of his film Yesterday

Eastenders and subsequent breakthrough into film

At the age of just 16, Patel got a call to audition for a role in one of Britain’s most popular soaps, Eastenders.

His parents had to rush him to the audition after taking his last GCSE exam.

Playing the role of Tamwar Masood in an Asian family, Patel endured a very successful stint on the show, before saying farewell after nine years.

After leaving the world of soaps behind, the actor landed a role in the first episode of Channel 4 sitcom Damned.

This was before he made his debut in film earlier this year, playing Jack Malik in Yesterday. He will appear in another film called The Aeronauts set to be released next month.

Who is Jack Malik?

Like Patel himself, his Yesterday character Jack Malik also plays the guitar

Jack Malik is the name of Patel’s character in Yesterday.

Malik is a struggling musician who suffers from a bad accident.

As a result he finds himself to be the only person who remembers the Beatles and becomes famous after he he took credit for their songs.

He also falls in love with Ellie (played by Lily James) and later confessed to the crowds he performed to that the songs are not his.

The two marry and have a family together, and Jack decides to channel his love for music in a different way by becoming a music teacher.


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